Vold Vision Teams Up with Fayetteville Lions Club

A pair of unused eyeglasses might not seem like a life-changing item, but they are doing just that thanks to the Lions Club International eyeglass recycling program. Vold Vision is thankful to partner with the local Fayetteville Lions Club to donate five boxes of eyeglasses to support efforts close to home.

Throughout the year, the Lions sort all donated eyeglasses by prescription and strength. They then clean, process and
package them for local community foreign missions.  Each pair of the recycled glasses are distributed to people in need where they will have the greatest impact.

“Thanks to our optical partners such as Vold Vision, we Lions are able to provide ‘gifts of sight’,” said Fayetteville Lion, Dr. Don Yandell.

The Lions Club first adopted vision as their mission back in 1925; the recycling program is just one of their many initiatives.

“The gift of sight is one that can’t be measured, and that is what each pair of the donated glasses brings,” said Dr. Steven Vold, Medical Director of Vold Vision. “We want to thank each one of our patients and community friends who dropped off glasses to our clinics. We are thankful to play a small part in helping the Fayetteville Lions Club with this great program.“

For information on how to set-up an eyeglass drive in your business or organization, contact your local Lions Club.