A Little Cher and Elton John Graced Vold Vision Team

“He was his own parade.” This is how Linda McBride described her late husband Bob, the longtime owner of Fayetteville-based McBride Distributing Inc.

Bob was known for a lot of things, and one was “his love for cool shades.” “He had a pair of glasses for every outfit he wore,” Linda noted.  She is donating 66 pairs of those “shades” to Vold Vision.

Linda gave the Vold Vision team the backstory on some of the glasses. “There was a store in Vegas called the Optic Boutique. When Cher or Elton John bought frames at the boutique, Bob had the store owner always make him a pair too,” Linda said. “Unless they requested the pair be made solely for their use, it’s safe to say that Bob had them.”

“It was so neat that Mrs. McBride donated these glasses,” said Dr. Steven Vold. “Our team has had a fun time looking through them all. To donate something that was so dear to a loved one is a special moment, and we are thankful she let us be a part of that, especially for such a good cause.”

Vold Vision partners with the local Lions Club donation drives. Throughout the year, the Lions sort all donated eyeglasses by prescription and strength. They then clean, process and package them for local community foreign missions.  Each pair of the recycled glasses are distributed to people in need where they will have the greatest impact.