Research & Innovation

We believe investing research and clinical innovation are critical to enhancing patient quality of care. In these challenging economic times, providing more cost-effective care is also very important. Our team of doctors and researchers are committed to participating in highly relevant clinical research that keeps these goals in mind.

During the past year, our doctors have participated in nearly 20 FDA-approved clinical trials. These studies include the development of innovative surgical devices and techniques, pharmaceutical products, and drug delivery systems. Our specific areas of interest include minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, lens replacement (cataract) surgery, and the development of new medications and methods of drug delivery for the treatment of glaucoma, intraocular inflammation, dry eyes and infection. Many of these products have received approval in Europe and Canada, but are unavailable in the United States at this time. This allows us to provide our patients enhanced ophthalmic care generally at no cost to them. The benefits of these new technologies have been extremely rewarding to us.

Our doctors are also uniquely innovative. Dr. Vold co-founded Ocunetics, Inc., a Silicone Valley-based medical device company. His invention was recently licensed and fully funded by IRIDEX Corporation, a well-established and reputable publicly traded ophthalmic company. His has been instrumental in the development of numerous other products that are now on the market based on the creative efforts as well. New surgical techniques have been described and are now being utilized across the country. Our doctors travel internationally to develop, perform and train doctors in new surgical techniques. Because of the creativity of our doctors, we have become a leading site for industry to come for testing of new products and development of more patient friendly therapeutic options. We are now exploring the possibility of utilizing telemedicine to expand the impact of our efforts globally on a more consistent basis. Again, the motivation of our efforts is to serve you better and ultimately improve ophthalmic care throughout the world.