Glaucoma Treatment

Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery

Dr. Vold is the only fellowship trained glaucoma sub-specialist in Northwest Arkansas. He is recognized as a world leader in the area of glaucoma drug delivery and the development of more minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries, and currently serves as the Chief Medical Editor for the leading national glaucoma publication for physicians. He has performed more of micro-invasive glaucoma surgery than almost anyone in the country, and serves as a consultant to the development of many of these technologies. As a principle investigator in numerous FDA-approved clinical trials, he is able to bring innovative surgical technologies to patients currently unavailable in the United States.


Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in the world, and impacts over 3 million people in the United States alone. Unfortunately, glaucoma is often not diagnosed until its later stage due to the fact that peripheral vision is often lost first. Consequently, glaucoma is commonly called the “silent thief of sight.” Published studies show that despite standard treatments, many people still gradually lose their vision over time. Dr. Vold is committed to trying to eradicate this disabling disease by utilizing medications, lasers and surgery. Significant progress appears to being made in this regard.

Click to Watch Stephanie and Other Patients’ Stories

Click to Watch Stephanie and Other Patients’ Stories

Over the course of the past few years, Dr. Vold is one of only a select few surgeons in the country to perform a wide array of new innovative glaucoma procedures including filtration surgery using the Ex-PRESS glaucoma filtration device or Ahmed M4 tube shunt, Trabectome surgery, canaloplasty, Transcend Medical’s CyPass micro-stent, Glaukos iStent, Ivantis Hydrus, AqueSys XEN implant and SOLX gold shunt procedures. In fact, Dr. Vold was handpicked as the first surgeon in the United States to perform many of these procedures. He trains doctors all over the world in the area of micro-invasive procedures, and has helped develop the Transcend Vold Goniolens to assist surgeons globally in the performance of these groundbreaking procedures. All of these devices and procedures are now approved in Europe with several procedures now available in the United States. His primary goal is to bring these innovative technologies to his patients to hopefully improve upon the clinical outcomes generally achieved with standard filtration and tube shunt surgery.