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SMILE, the biggest advancement in laser vision correction since the 1990’s is a flapless procedure that provides LASIK like results. Due to the absence of a flap, patients will heal faster than with traditional LASIK and return to their regular activities after 24-hours, including driving, exercise, wearing eye makeup and swimming. With the addition of SMILE, Vold Vision can customize the patient’s laser vision procedure to achieve the absolute best outcome. For our patients that qualify for the SMILE, they will be receiving the most advanced technology in customized laser vision care anywhere in the world.

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Vold Vision Brings SMILE Laser Vision Procedure to Arkansas

First Major Advancement in LASIK Since 1990s Makes Arkansas Debut at Vold Vision

5 NEWS, FAYETTEVILLE, ARK., April 20, 2017 – Today, Northwest Arkansas residents were among the first in the United States, and the very first in the state of Arkansas to receive the biggest advancement in laser vision correction since the 1990’s. Dr. Steven Vold performed the Zeiss ReLEx SMILE in Vold Vision’s surgical center. More than 750,000 SMILE procedures have been performed world-wide, and that number is expected to hit one million by later this year.

Since the FDA final approval of SMILE in March 2017, it has spread to major cities across the U.S. “From Los Angeles to Miami and prestigious centers like Harvard Medical School’s Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, top ophthalmology clinics are bringing on SMILE for their patients,” said Dr. Vold. “It

has been our commitment to our region and our state, that when we see a procedure that is absolutely top-notch, we are going to bring it promptly to the amazing people of Northwest Arkansas.”

The SMILE uses the latest in laser technology to gently create a thin, contact-lens shaped layer just beneath the surface of the eye which is removed through a tiny opening. The most distinct difference in the SMILE verses traditional LASIK is the absence of a flap. The word “LASIK” itself means that a “corneal flap” has been made. The SMILE procedure has also shown to provide surgeons with greater outcome predictability on patients with higher prescriptions.

“We will evaluate each patient and determine which procedure is right for them,” stated Dr. Vold. “Traditional LASIK is the current gold standard in laser vision correction, and without a doubt, it will continue to be an excellent option for our patients. “I have performed literally thousands of laser vision correction procedures. It’s extremely safe, delivers outstanding results with a remarkably rapid recovery. For our patients that qualify for the SMILE procedure, they will be receiving the most advanced technology in customized laser vision care anywhere in the world.”

One of the first Arkansas patients who received the SMILE, Brandon Hartung, has been wearing glasses since he was in junior high. “I’m excited to have my eyes just work,” Brandon said. “It’s been a long time.” When he learned about the advantages of having the SMILE, Brandon was glad he was a candidate. “I started doing some research and found they only have to use one laser, and that there is no flap with it. The thing that gives me the most anxiety is the procedure itself, so that was nice news to me. I also like that it decreases chances of getting chronic dry eye.”

As a professional photographer, Brandon travels the world working with missionaries, using photography and video to promote the impact their work is having in people’s lives. “I’m always putting the camera up to my eyes so I’m always pressing my glasses against my face and having to take them off and clean them, this procedure is going to be life-changing for me in so many ways.”

The SMILE is one of the gentler vision correction procedures available. The treatment is so comfortable that most people say they feel nothing at all, and they consistently describe SMILE as painless and comfortable both during and after the procedure.


First Patient In State Of Arkansas to Receive Breakthrough SMILE Procedure

Will Kraner is the first person in the state of Arkansas to receive the SMILE laser vision correction procedure. He had worn glasses since the 3rd grade, and just one day after receiving the SMILE, he has already said goodbye to them.