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Meet Our Team

10 Team Members
  • Dr. Steven Vold

    Dr. Steven Vold


    Dr. Vold is a leading ophthalmologist who consistently strives to deliver the most advanced techniques and cutting-edge procedures for every patient.

  • Jessica Betts

    Jessica Betts

    Clinical Director

    Jessica is our committed and enthusiastic Director of Communications, connecting the public with the technology and treatment at Vold Vision.

  • Dr. Laura Voicu

    Dr. Laura Voicu


    Dr. Laura A. Voicu is a board-certified ophthalmologist at Vold Vision with a focus in minimally invasive treatments for numerous eye diseases.

  • Dr. George Tanaka

    Dr. George Tanaka


    Dr. George Tanaka is an Ophthalmologist at Vold Vision who specializes in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma and anterior segment surgery.

  • Christine Scarlett

    Christine Scarlett

    Dir. of Marketing

    For patients considering LASIK, our Director of Marketing and Laser Vision Correction, Christine, is well prepared to guide you through the process.

  • Dr. Michael McFarland

    Dr. Michael McFarland


    Dr. McFarland is a leading optometric physician at Vold Vision, and is skilled in glaucoma treatment, clinical research, and refractive surgical care.

  • Dr. Emma Hendricks

    Dr. Emma Hendricks


    Dr. Emma Hendricks is an optometrist at Vold Vision with experience in primary eye care, including pediatric eye exams and preventive health.

  • Jennifer Jones

    Jennifer Jones

    Surgical Coordinator

    Jennifer serves as our Surgical Coordinator where she works with patients to schedule their surgery and works with them before and after treatment.

  • Abra Pumphrey

    Abra Pumphrey

    Surgery Director

    As Surgery Director for Vold Vision, Abra works with all aspects of surgery including scheduling, customer service, patient satisfaction, and more.

  • Dr. Rebecca Moser

    Dr. Rebecca Moser


    Dr. Moser is an optometrist at Vold Vision who specializes in primary eye care, including both comprehensive and problem-oriented exams for all ages.