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Raindrop Near Vision Inlay - Laser Vision Correction Surgery (Arkansas)*

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About Raindrop

Vold Vision is proud to be leaders in the laser vision correction industry. There are a number of procedures to consider, depending on your specific condition and vision needs, and we are proud to offer Raindrop Near Vision Inlay as one of these options. If you are  frustrated with reading glasses but can’t see without them, Raindrop is a quick, long lasting solution to help you reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses. Never miss a moment with our new technology that offers a long term, low hassle solution to those suffering from presbyopia.

Presbyopia and Raindrop

Presbyopia is natural and happens to everyone. Some people will need to start treating it earlier than others, and most people over 40 will find themselves seeking solutions for age-related near vision loss. While there are several treatment options for presbyopia, the most common one to start with are reading glasses. Once you incorporate readers into your lifestyle, you soon realize the struggle with the on and off hassle of using them.  Having the ability to focus on the details of life is priceless. The hassle and inconvenience of readers is driving many patients to look for a better way to improve their near vision without glasses.

Raindrop Near Vision Inlay improves near and intermediate vision by simply reshaping the front part of the eye. Raindrop is a small transparent disc called an inlay. It’s made of approximately 80% water and from material similar to a soft contact lens. In a quick procedure (very similar to the LASIK approach), Raindrop is designed to help you regain your near vision without the need for reading glasses. Here at Vold Vision, Dr. Vold was chosen to be the first surgeon to bring this new procedure and technology to Arkansas, and Vold remains the only vision center in the state offering the life-changing Raindrop Near Vision Inlay.

Candidates for Raindrop

One of our highly skilled doctors will determine if you are a candidate for the Raindrop procedure through a series of tests and measurements on your eyes. You may be a candidate if:

• Are between 41-65 years of age

• Wear reading glasses

• Experience blurry vision when reading or focusing on near objects

• Do not need corrective eyewear to see far away

In preparation for your procedure, you will be given prescription eye drops. The procedure only takes about 10 minutes and is performed with a laser similar to LASIK procedures. Recovery is quick, with many patients resuming normal activities the next day, and aftercare includes prescription eye drops and follow up appointments. Patients see an improvement in vision within one week and vision continues to improve for several weeks, with the majority (>87%) of patients achieving 20/25 near vision or better.

Amazing Transformations!

At Vold Vision we love to help patients see clearly and throw away their readers forever!  The revolutionary Raindrop procedure has helped many men and women lose the addiction for needing their readers. Read what two of our happy patients have to say about Raindrop!

  • "Freedom is the word I would use to describe my experience after having the Raindrop procedure! My eyesight has been great, and I’m no longer tied to my readers," Daren, Vold Vision Raindrop Patient.
  • "It’s worth the money! The first day I could immediately see small print without my readers. It was freedom, and my vision just keeps getting better and better." Beth, Vold Vision Raindrop Patient

Learn More About Raindrop

If you are over the age of 40 and are experiencing early stages of vision loss when reading or trying to focus on small letters (such as on a menu), readers are a great option to help you see clearly. Unfortunately, the need for them becomes habitual and you will eventually rely on them. Raindrop can help you put an end to the on and off hassle of readers. Contact Vold Vision today to schedule a consultation to see if you’re a candidate.

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