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Finding the right vision center and surgeon is a daunting task for many, with seemingly endless options. Vold Vision is the only ophthalmology-specific facility in Northwest Arkansas can provide the highest credentials from the Joint Commission. With other doctors and professionals across the world coming to ophthalmologist Dr. Steven Vold for training, his dedication and expertise are clear. Meeting with our staff is typically the best way to decide on a good match, but the words of former and current Vold Vision patients can also help you establish the quality of our work. Below, you can read the praises and successes of past patients to understand from the inside what a positive experience Vold Vision can provide for you.

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Review from C.P.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jan 19, 2018

I just got a "Smile" procedure done here which is a variation of lasik. I had absolutely terrible vision with -8.0 contacts and glasses as thick as a mixing bowl. The consultation and pre- op went fairly fast and the staff was always super nice and helpful. On procedure day they walked me through everything that would happen, and the people talking to you have actually had lasik done so their not blowing smoke. Dr. Vold is very encouraging during surgery and Dr. Cox as well as Dr. McFarland were very clear and thorough with the examinations of my eyes pre and post surgery. Great staff. Would highly recommend. More

Review from B.O.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jul 13, 2017

I had an excellent experience with this facility!   My vision is 20/20 but still fuzzy in my left eye which I have a stigmatism in that eye anyways.  I have anxiety attacks and they worked with me even when I was freaking out a bit before the surgery.  My advice about the tear eye drops though is get small amounts until you find the one for you.  I use the great value because it actually helps keep my eyes hydrated.  I tried the refresh and it dry's my eyes out bad!!!  So try a few before just sticking to one :).    And today is just the second day past my surgery so fingers crossed my eyes just keep getting better and that fuzziness in my left eye will go away :)! More

Review from K.C.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Apr 25, 2016

I had a LASIK procedure at Vold Vision in February of 2016. The surgery went smoothly and painlessly. The staff members were pleasant and helpful. I had 20/20 vision the day after the surgery. Being able to see is an amazing thing, and I highly recommend Vold Vision! More

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