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Vold Vision - Say Goodbye to Your Reading Glasses

I started noticing a change of my vision probably about two years ago. So I'm frustrated, I'm embarrassed, not being able to read often. At a restaurant, when I have to ask my husband to read the menu for me. Or I'll ask the waiter, "Do you guys carry readers?" Immediately showing my age. Giving the dogs their medicine, or the kids their medicine, I can't read it, can't find the readers, can't do any of my activities ... even my workout, believe it or not, without my readers. You have to read something important, a certain document, tax season, signing stuff, looking over stuff, searching for the readers. "Where are they? I can't sign a piece of paper I don't know what it says." So I have it on the highest text size, but unfortunately there's no more higher to go, but I still can't read the emails and texts, so I always have to have a pair of readers in my car, in my purse. Frustrating, frustrated, a lot of frustration. When I first heard about Raindrop, I was really hoping I'd be a candidate because the thought of not having to have glasses all over the house, or in my purse, or in the car, all over the place. And pretty much they're telling you, "You're going to be young again." It's been three months since I had the procedure, and it's like I'm young again. It's amazing. And it's amazing how quickly you forget how dependent you are on your readers. I just get up, pick up my phone and read. Pick up the newspaper and read. Help the kids with their homework. We went to dinner the other night, my husband and I, and was in the restaurant, and I could read the menu. That was the first time in a very long time where I didn't have to have him read it for me, or ask the waiter for some readers. When we go out to lunch with my friends, and everyone takes out their readers, it tells the entire room that, "Yeah, hey, this group of women over there, they're over 40." And I don't have to take my readers out anymore. So I look like the young baby of the table. Having the procedure definitely gives you youth, like a fountain of youth.