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Vold Vision - Dr. Cox - The Importance of Regular Vision Check-Ups

It's really important to come in for eye exams, whether you're a child or an adult. Children, a lot of times they have trouble telling you exactly what's going on. If they've had blurred vision their whole life, they won't know to tell you that they have blurry vision. So if you come and get it checked, a lot of times we'll find stuff that they just aren't aware of and you haven't been able to tell yet and we can correct that in a hurry and help them out as they grow up. Even coming in as an adult, even if you don't think you're having any problems, it's good to check on just because we can see a lot of diseases going on in the back of the eye that can throw flags that we can get you checked out further and take care of before they become a real problem.