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Vold Vision - Meet Dr. Brendon Cox - Optometrist

I'm Dr. Brendon Cox. I'm an Optometrist here at Vold Vision. But I've always known that I wanted to go in the medical profession. I looked at med school, and dentistry, and some other things like that. I just knew I wanted to be helping people in whatever I was doing. I really started my sophomore year of undergrad. I was actually playing baseball at the time and I started to have some trouble with my vision. An optometrist who is a family friend of ours got me into some contacts and that helped out a whole lot. My interest just sparked from there. I started school. I went to undergrad at Southwest Baptist University in Ballwin, Missouri. Then from there, I went to the University of Missouri-St. Louis Optometry School. Third year of optometry school, you get to start seeing patients. When you get to start interacting with your patients and seeing the progress that they make with different diseases, or even just their eyesight, that's when it really starts clicking that, yep, this is a great decision, this is where I need to be. I actually did a rotation here at Vold Vision while I was in school and just fell in love with the place. I loved working with all the people here. Vold Vision couldn't have been more accommodating for me. After leaving, they talked to me about coming back and I don't think I could have jumped at the opportunity any faster. I really hope that my patients really see me as someone that they can talk to and they can tell me about any problems they're having. I hope that they feel like that I pay attention, I go at their problems and try to fix them with what they're concerned with and not just go about what I'm concerned with. I hope that they think I'm relatable and that I have a genuine concern for their problems. Helping people is really important for me just because that's how I was raised, to always put other people first. I think there's nothing better than knowing that you made a difference in somebody else's life with what you're doing.