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Vold Vision - 40/29 News Covers First CyPass Procedure In United States

40/29 News Covers First CyPass Procedure In United States.

Covering The CyPass Procedure

Allison Wise: Estimated 3 million people in the United States are diagnosed with glaucoma. Today, patients in our area will be the first to receive a revolutionary new treatment. Cheryl Harp says she'll always remember the day she was diagnosed.

Cheryl Harp: They said, "Well, we're really sorry, but you have your mother's eyes," which Mom has glaucoma. I was, to put it plain, I was just devastated.

Allison Wise: Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness. For Cheryl, Dr. Vold says this newly FDA-approved surgery will change her life.

Steven Vold: It's, silent thief aside, to save her eyesight was job one.

Cheryl Harp: It was absolutely amazing that I was going to be the first. I just feel really blessed.

Allison Wise: Dr. Vold, who led the clinical trials and performed 84 surgeries, says this new treatment is less invasive and may reduce dependency on glaucoma medications.

Steven Vold: With something like the side pass microstent, all of a sudden the whole world is changing because now I can make you see better, get your pressure down, and prevent you from losing your vision from glaucoma. It's a big deal.

Allison Wise: When Cheryl shared the diagnosis with her mother, she says it was tough.

Cheryl Harp: That was the thing that I hated to do, was to tell her that I had what she did because she's always been so adamant for us to get our eyes checked and she has five children. Just make sure you keep every appointment you need to keep.