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Vold Vision - Dr. Vold - CyPass MIGS Procedure A Success

CyPass MIGS Procedure A Success


David Edwards: My name is David Edwards. I am 58 years old. I've been married 38 years. That's approximately about how long I've lived in Springdale, Arkansas.

Steven Vold: I've Dr. Steven Vold from Vold Vision in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We're involved heavily with innovation, clinical research. We love to be part of educational programs. I came to this area because there's about half a million people and there wasn't a single glaucoma subspecialist.

David Edwards: I have identical twin daughters, four grandsons, two granddaughters. It's never a dull moment. When I was 35, 36 years old, there was something weird about my eyes. When I'm looking at something, it's like I couldn't see part of it. Part of it was missing.

Steven Vold: He had really significant cataracts and glaucoma. A lot of people really don't understand what glaucoma is. They don't understand that that really is the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

David Edwards: They put me on eyedrops at the first. It was burning sensation all the time, like a bee sting, but it's in your eyes. Twice a day, morning and evening. It was awful.

Steven Vold: When I talk to patients, I tell them, "We have this new micro-invasive or minimally invasive procedure." Just by removing the cataract alone, it's like turning on the light. Then in addition, we're actually improving their glaucoma control.

David Edwards: I could see immediately after the surgery. The whole world was totally different. I'm not taking any medicines, just my regular six-month checkup.

Steven Vold: He can do things that he couldn't do, driving at night. His eyes are comfortable, he feels great, his life is completely changed.

David Edwards: I would recommend this kind of surgery. I've been passing out some of his business cards. I want people who have trouble with eyesight to have the same opportunity that I had.