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Vold Vision - CyPass Glaucoma Procedure Changing Lives

CyPass Glaucoma Procedure Changing Lives

Vold Vision - CyPass Glaucoma

Janet Allen: I'm Janet Allen. I live in Oaks, Oklahoma, and I'll be 71 in November.

Steven Vold: I'm Dr. Steven Vold from Vold Vision in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We're involved heavily with innovation, clinical research. We love to be part of educational programs. I came to this area because there was about half a million people, and there wasn't a single glaucoma subspecialist.

Janet Allen: I love all kinds of birds, and all kinds of flowers. One of my loves was raising horses. We have our stud horse that we've had for many years, and yeah, he's my buddy. When I was in my early 20s, I had a very good optometrist. He told me that the pressure was too great for my age. I didn't realize I had a problem, no pain or anything.

Steven Vold: Honestly, a lot of people really don't understand what glaucoma is. They think it's just pressure, but they don't know or understand that that really is the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

Janet Allen: Tried several things, drops, laser, nothing worked. I want to see my kids and my grandkids, my flowers, my horses, you know. To think that's going to be taken away, that's a terrible, terrible thought.

Steven Vold: When I talk to my patients I tell them, we have this new microinvasive, or minimally invasive procedure.

Janet Allen: You don't even realize you've had a surgery, it's just that simple. Went home, came back the next day. Everything was good. Really, I had no pain, I had no swelling, no redness.

Steven Vold: Janet's one of the very first persons in the entire United States that have had this device placed. Her uncorrected vision is 20/20. She can drive without glasses. Her whole life has been changed because of this.

Janet Allen: I would recommend it for anybody. It's good. Do it.