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Vold Vision - Dr. Steven Vold Performs First U.S. CyPass Procedure

Dr. Steven Vold Performs First U.S. CyPass Procedure

First U.S. CyPass procedure

Patient: When I came into Vold Vision that day, I was coming in for new contacts. The pressure in my eyes was high, in both of them, and of course I know what that means. I had glaucoma.

Dr. Steven Vold: Glaucoma is nerve damage in the back of the eye, so it's what we call optic nerve damage. What happens is it typically takes the peripheral vision or the side vision first, and then the last thing you lose is the center vision. A lot of times it's completely painless. People don't have a clue they have glaucoma until it's very severe and they have over 90% nerve damage.

Patient: It's a silent thing. That's what they told me. It's silent. You don't know that it's attacking you.

Dr. Steven Vold: As a glaucoma surgeon, I'm kind of like a glorified plumber. In glaucoma, the pressure builds up because the drain is not working properly. With the CyPass Micro-Stent, we are basically bypassing the blockage of what we call Schlemm's canal of the trabecular meshwork, and moving the fluid from the anterior chamber or the front of the eye into the circulation within the eye. It's basically like a plugged blood vessel; you put a little stent in there. That's what we're doing in the eye, but it's at a very microscopic level. I can do surgery, and you can walk out into the public an hour later, and no one will ever know you had eye surgery. It's stunning really.

Patient: I'm really excited. I mean, medicine has come so far. I mean, you think that grandma was blind, couldn't see anything, and now I'm going to get this opportunity.

Dr. Steven Vold: A couple things that are really important to me as a part of Vold Vision: I want to provide you the best experience. You can have the security that I'm going to be in it with you for the long haul. I want us to be one of the leaders here in clinical research, providing cutting edge care. We're going to be very, very disciplined in what technologies we bring to our practice, but I want you to know, you don't have to go to the Mayo Clinic to get the best care. You can get that right here in Northwest Arkansas, in the ophthalmic field.