What Do I Need to Know About a LASIK Vision Correction Consultation?

Vold Vision | 11/18/2021

Corrective eye surgery can reduce vision issues and correct common problems like nearsightedness. See what it's like to attend a LASIK consultation.


Are There Any Risks to Getting LASIK Eye Surgery?

Vold Vision | 11/05/2021

Now you can improve your eyesight in minutes with simple LASIK surgery. Review the benefits and risks of this procedure during a LASIK consultation.


Eight Benefits From Clear Lens Exchange

Vold Vision | 10/28/2021

Clear lens exchange (CLE) can correct refractive errors, sharpen your vision, and reduce the need for glasses or contacts with minimal downtime.


What Do I Need to Know About a LASIK Consultation?

Vold Vision | 10/12/2021

A LASIK consultation is the best time to discover your options for vision correction. Learn about your LASIK options in Northwest Arkansas today.


CLE vs. LASIK. Which is Better for Me?

Vold Vision | 09/19/2021

LASIK and Clear Lens Exchange are both excellent ways to restore your vision. Compare the safety and risks of each procedure during a consultation.


Five Things to Know About LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

Vold Vision | 09/14/2021

LASIK is a popular surgery that improves your vision. Because LASIK safety is important to us, we've provided information about surgery and recovery.


Is LASIK Safe for Astigmatism?

Vold Vision | 08/21/2021

Are you interested in learning about LASIK safety and risks? Schedule a LASIK consultation and learn how we help patients safely treat astigmatism.


What is the Best Age to Consider LASIK Vision Correction Surgery?

Vold Vision | 08/19/2021

LASIK is optimal between the ages of 25 – 40, when vision has stabilized and before age-related complications occur.


What Age Should I Consider Clear Lens Exchange?

Vold Vision | 07/17/2021

Clear Lens Exchange is an excellent alternative if you have been turned down from LASIK. Learn the best age to get CLE and the advanced PanOptix® IOL.


What are the possible side effects of LASIK eye surgery?

Vold Vision | 07/09/2021

LASIK eye surgery comes with plenty of benefits, but there are some risks. Here are some possible side effects of LASIK and how you can prevent them.


What Type of Vision Problems Can be Corrected With LASIK?

Vold Vision | 06/15/2021

Laser vision correction procedures can help you see clearly without glasses. Learn how LASIK treats nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.


How Clear Lens Exchange Helps You Achieve Sharper Focus

Vold Vision | 05/13/2021

Clear lens exchange surgery can improve your vision and make it easier to see things clearly. See how this cutting-edge procedure works at our clinic.


Is LASIK Eye Surgery Safe for Vision Correction?

Vold Vision | 04/08/2021

LASIK eye surgery in Fayetteville, AR can treat common vision problems. Learn about the safety of laser vision correction surgery at our clinic.


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