How Common are Complications After LASIK Eye Surgery?

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Your vision is invaluable, and we're here to help you protect it. Among the most common threats to clear eyesight are the dreaded refractive errors that affect more than 150 million Americans and put them into glasses or contact lenses.


These refractive errors include nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. They won't go away on their own, so if you're suffering from the visual woes that glasses and contacts can cause, please get in touch with our expert ophthalmologists at Vold Vision.


Our nationally recognized team and time-tested LASIK technologies have helped many patients, and we'd love to help you too. So, we invite those in Northwest Arkansas and residents of Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, and Springdale to visit us and see why we're among the nation's top clinics for LASIK.


What makes LASIK eye surgery so desirable for millions of Americans?


The advance of laser-assisted technology has made LASIK eye surgery better than ever. Computer-guided lasers can achieve accuracy that manual tools never could. The net result includes better patient outcomes, shorter healing times, and improved healing.


The procedure is so simple we can explain it in just a couple of sentences. First, the laser gently creates a small flap on the cornea. Then, a different laser delivers pulses of energy that gradually reshape your cornea - all with just a slight sensation of pressure. Your properly shaped cornea will now be able to correctly focus light and provide you with the crisp vision you've wished for. In fact, patients generally only have one regret after LASIK: that they didn't do it sooner!


How likely are you to face complications after LASIK eye surgery?


LASIK is effective and safe. Approximately 700,000 procedures are performed every year, with a very low complication rate of less than 1%. Plus, based on stats from the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, about 20 million LASIK procedures have been performed, with an excellent patient satisfaction rate of more than 95%, making it one of the most popular and safest elective procedures available today.


Vold Vision uses the only ZEISS VisuMax laser in the state of Arkansas, it's laser-based tech is so precise and intuitive that its bed even imperceptibly adjusts its action to your breathing to offer the best possible results. It's explicitly designed to be as gentle and safe as possible.


Though complications are rare, you may experience some discomfort for a day or so after your treatment. For example, you may experience a gritty or scratchy feeling that typically may last 24 hours.


Light sensitivity is also a possible after-effect, and, in some, it may persist for several weeks. Yet every patient is unique, and outcomes depend on many factors, including physiology and lifestyle. Our experienced eye care team in Bentonville and Fayetteville can provide more specific details during your comprehensive consultation.


Reach out to us today for optimal ocular health


You'll not only benefit from the latest technologies available but also from our compassionate, personal approach. At Vold Vision in Bentonville and Fayetteville, you're more than a patient. We strive to make you as comfortable as possible while evaluating the optimal treatment plan just for you. So, we invite residents of Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, and Springdale to reach out to us today for a LASIK consultation.

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