Importance of Kids Wearing Sunglasses

The summer sun is finally here and shining bright. As adults, we
typically reach for our sunglasses to shield our eyes from the
uncomfortable amount of light, not even realizing the proactive step we are taking to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. What we may not realize, is it’s just as important for children to wear sunglasses as it is adults. In fact, it may be even more imperative with studies showing that adults encounter 80 percent of sun damage to their eyes before the age of 18.

Dr. Emma Holden, an optometrist at Vold Vision explains, “Children have larger pupils allowing more UV light to enter. Also, the lens inside a child’s eye hasn’t had a lifetime of exposure to UV, and therefore, it is very clear. It is this clarity that lets in the harmful UV rays, which can lead to the early formation of cataracts and macular degeneration as they age.”

As most kids do, they love playing outside, swimming all day, and enjoying their break from school in the summertime. This makes the importance of starting UV protection even greater at such a young age. When shopping for the right pair of sunglasses for your child, ask a Vold Vision team member about our junior sunglasses with full UV protection.

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