Preparation Tips for LASIK Surgery

When you think of laser eye surgery, is LASIK the first one that comes to mind? Although many other options now exist, LASIK revolutionized vision correction, and it is still an excellent option for many people. While the procedure is quick and has minimal recovery time, there are a few steps you should take prior to having LASIK to ensure your safety and best results. You can trust your Vold Vision team to guide you through every step of the process. 

What is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK is the most widely known type of laser eye surgery. It corrects refractive errors like astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness by using a laser to reshape your corneas. These clear structures protect your eyes and change the angle of incoming light. By changing their shape, LASIK surgery allows light to focus properly, giving you clearer vision. The majority of people will achieve 20/20 vision, and almost all will have reduced dependence on glasses or contacts. 

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How Does LASIK Work?

LASIK begins with your eye surgeon numbing your eyes. You may also receive medication to relax you if needed. We use the Zeiss VisuMax® Femtosecond Laser with a SMART bed that monitors you and stops the laser automatically if you move. This advanced laser is so precise that you will feel nothing except some minor pressure while it works. 

To perform LASIK surgery, your eye surgeon creates a flap in the epithelium (outermost layer) of your cornea. The flap is lifted aside, and the laser is used to remove microscopically thin layers of corneal tissue until the correct shape is achieved. The flap is moved back into place, where the edges quickly begin to heal. After a short period of post-operative monitoring, you can return home, although you will need someone to drive you. 

Preparation Tips for LASIK Surgery

The most important step in preparing for LASIK is a series of eye examinations and measurements. The computer-guided laser uses these precise measurements to achieve your ideal corneal shape. Your eye surgeon may also recommend other eye or medical tests to determine whether you have any health factors affecting the procedure or results. 

For contact lens wearers, you must stop wearing them before LASIK surgery. While your eye surgeon will tell you when you need to stop, it is typically several weeks before the procedure. While this can be inconvenient, it allows your corneas to return to their natural shape so they can be measured and shaped correctly. Your Vold Vision team can assist you with glasses if you need them during this time. 

Other LASIK preparation tips include:

  • Plan to be away from work for a day or two and schedule appropriately
  • Arrange to have someone drive you home and, if needed, for the next day or two
  • Review your medications and supplements with your eye surgeon and adjust them if instructed to
  • Follow all other instructions provided by your eye surgeon since some of them may be specific to you

What is Recovery Like After LASIK?

Recovery after LASIK surgery is usually quick and uncomplicated. You will receive eye drops to use as instructed. Your vision will be blurry immediately after the procedure, but many people can see clearly within a day. You can expect to drive and return to work within a day or two. However, your vision will continue to adjust and evolve over the next few weeks. Most people can return to swimming, contact sports, and all other activities after two weeks. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for LASIK Surgery?

LASIK is an excellent option for many people. However, it is not ideal for everyone. Because it creates a flap in the outer layer of the cornea, candidates must have healthy corneas. You should not have LASIK if you have dry eye problems or if you engage in contact sports. People with certain eye or medical conditions should not have this procedure. 

How Long Do LASIK Results Last?

LASIK results usually last for years but are not permanent. How long your results last depends on many factors. Each person’s refractive error will progress at a different rate. Having a stable prescription before surgery leads to longer-lasting results. Your age at the time of LASIK surgery also plays a role. Most people will develop age-related changes called presbyopia after the age of 45. Since LASIK does not treat presbyopia, people close to this age may be recommended for a different procedure. 

Got LASIK done here and had a great experience! Procedure was so quick, only a few minutes which was great! John was very kind and helped me through the process.
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