Professional Baseball Player, Luke Bonfield, Receives Life Changing Procedure

Professional baseball player and former Arkansas Razorback, Luke Bonfield, now sees better than 20/20 after receiving LASIK - laser vision correction.

Bonfield became completely dependent on glasses at the age of 12. “Contacts and glasses were always a regular part of my game day, from little league to now,” Bonfield shared. “When I played for the Razorbacks, I would have to change out my contacts at least three to four times a game day due to dirt and dust causing them to dry out. In fact, when we were playing at the College World Series, I ran out of contacts.”

As Bonfield began to prepare for an opportunity in the major leagues, he knew having great vision was key, that is when Bonfield turned to the official eye care of the Razorbacks, Vold Vision.

“For major league baseball players, it is really important to not just get to 20/20 vision but to get 20/15 or 20/10 vision,” Dr. Vold said. “The neat thing is with our technology here, we can get them to that.”

LASIK is a quick 15-minute procedure with a high safety profile and patients recovery time can be within 24 hours.

After the procedure, Bonfield is now charting out with 20/15 vision. As Bonfield is preparing for his next season as a professional baseball player, he says he can already see a difference LASIK has made on his game.

Before Bonfield’s professional career, he attended the IMG academy for sports. He was drafted to the New York Mets right out of high school but, Bonfield stated that he wanted to pursue his college career. After this decision, he became an Arkansas Razorback. During his time as a Razorback. He attended the College World Series twice and became the first player to hit a home run at the 2018 Omaha series.

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