Clark Ellison - IPL

Clark is one month out from his cataract surgery! During his consultation with Dr. Vold, they discovered he has severe dry eye. To combat his dry eyes and improve his quality of vision post cataract surgery, Dr. Vold suggested a few rounds of IPL. Watch to learn about the process!


Clark Ellison: So when Dr. Vold told me that I had dry eye, I knew something was a little bit different and so I guess that's the reason I really didn't know what the reason behind that was. And when he told me and explained me what the symptoms were, it was very obvious at that point that's exactly what I have.

New procedure, the IPL I believe is what it's called, very excited to get that. And, from what I understand, it helps in the process, the procedure and post procedure, so I'm excited about that. 

Dr. Vold: We'll do a total of about four treatments or so.

Clark Ellison: Okay.

Dr. Vold: Then we do what we can. What it'll do is actually remove gradually losen the [inaudible] from the face, okay?

Clark Ellison: Okay. 

Dr. Vold: Which, actually provide the inflammatory factors that can cause your eyes to become dry. Believe it or not, one of the nice things about it is it can actually decrease wrinkles, it can [inaudible] pigmentation. So, for a lot of folks, actually it's a really nice cosmetic thing but it's in addition to making your eyes feel more comfortable.

The reason we do this before cataract surgery is believe it or not, we can optimize the results of your vision afterwards. So if you have a little dry eye, it's kind of like having a windshield [inaudible] in. So what we want to do is after you have your cataract surgery, when you wake up and look [inaudible] vision, we want to give you that wow factor if we can possibly make that possible. Does that make sense?

Clark Ellison: Yep, it does. 

Dr. Vold: All right. It's a little bright. How's that? 

Clark Ellison: Yep, I'm fine. 

Dr. Vold: Unfortunately, dry eye for many, many years we just didn't have good treatment for it [inaudible]. If we  can avoid having to take these expensive medicines by getting to the core part of the problem, it's kind of like having an oil leak in your car, and you keep adding oil, or you can get to the bottom of the problem.