Optical Shop - Fayetteville Office

About Our Optical Shop

While many of the procedures offered at Vold Vision can greatly improve a patient's vision, some patients may still need or want glasses or contact lenses. For patient convenience, Vold Vision has a state-of-the-art Optical Shop inside their office where they can get glasses and contact lenses. The Optical Shop team works with the doctors of Vold Vision to understand each patient's specific needs so they can help patients choose the glasses and contact lenses that will give them their best results.

At the Vold Vision Optical Shop, patients can choose eyeglass frames by a variety of designers to get a comfortable fit and attractive look. Once the frames are chosen, our team will help patients learn more about their lens options. Single vision, bifocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses can be customized with different features to fit each patient's needs and lifestyle, including UV protection, anti-reflective coating, scratch resistance, blue light filter, and impact resistance. Prescription sunglasses are also available for patients who want to see better while driving and enjoying the outdoors.

A proper contact lens fitting is crucial to ensure optimal vision, comfort, and eye health. Poor-fitting lenses can lead to corneal abrasions, scarring, and infection. The Vold Vision Optical Shop staff spend time with every patient helping them understand their options and finding the best contact lenses for their needs and wants. With a variety of top-rated and popular brands, Vold Vision offers disposable, bifocal, multifocal, colored, enhancing, gas permeable (GP), and other specialty contact lenses.