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LASIK After Hours

Thinking of LASIK?

Get all your questions answered at Fayetteville After Hours:

  • (1) FREE* procedure drawing!
  • FREE screenings: Find out if you’re a LASIK Candidate!
  • Get $500 OFF your procedure when you schedule at event**
  • Watch a Procedure Video
  • Q&A with Dr. Vold
  • Hear a Real Patient Testimonial
  • Refreshments

"Yes yes yes! This is awesome! If you missed it you should come to the next one!!! Great folks. Informative. Fun and we felt comfortable!!! Thank you Dr. Vold and staff!!" -mtodd50

Events are hosted at our Fayetteville Location. Complimentary screenings start at 5:45p to determine if you are a LASIK candidate, the event starts at 6:30p and concludes around 7:00p.

Space is limited so call/text us to reserve your spot at (479) 595-5227 or fill in the form below



*One FREE LASIK procedure is drawn per 10 qualified candidates. Winning patient is responsible for $250 exam fee due the date of their procedure plus eye drops purchased at the pharmacy. **Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

Upcoming Events:


Thursday November 7th

Tuesday, December 3rd