Andrew & Kristen's Story

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Describe your eyesight and the limitations before Laser Vision Correction:

Kristin: Before, I have worn glasses since I was in 3rd grade. My eyesight was really bad and it got worse as the years progressed. I could never enjoy activities or sports as a young kid without worrying if my glasses would fall off or break (On several occasion they were damaged, stepped on, or broken). As a young adult I struggled with contacts and caring for my eyes properly. I often fell asleep with them in or wouldn’t change them out like I should. As I got older I gave up the hassle of contacts for special occasions and went back to wearing glasses. Again, It meant I couldn’t swim/shower and see at the same time. I couldn’t go on vacation without making sure I had cases, solution, and contacts. It was just an extra hassle.

Why did you decide to have Laser Vision Correction?

Kristin: My husband, the brave one of the two of us, got [Laser Vision Correction] last year at Vold Vision and couldn’t stop raving about how awesome it was. I was jealous and he survived, lol, so I had to see for myself what the fuss was all about. 

Describe your eyesight and the freedom you experience after Laser Vision Correction:

Kristin: I can wake up and start my day without looking for glasses or putting on contacts. I can swim underwater and see! Even something as simple as taking a shower and being able to see is amazing. 

How would you say Laser Vision Correction has changed your life?

Kristin: I feel like I traded a broken and old pair of eyes in for brand new ones! 

If someone asked you if you would recommend Laser Vision Correction what would you say?

Kristin: I would definitely recommend [Laser Vision Correction] to anyone who asked. It is freeing to have your eyesight without the hassle and reoccurring cost of corrective lenses. 

Why did you choose Vold Vision for your procedure?

Kristin: Because I have heard about the pain, discomfort, and differences of having the procedure done by others in the area and everyone that talked to me about the procedure at Vold, including, my husband assured me of the ease and recovery involved. Check out best online casino and win! I got to see my husbands recovery first hand and he was up and running again after 4-5 days recovery [LASEK] and rest with no pain and mild discomfort during the period of time.

Do you feel the cost is worth the benefits?

Kristin: Absolutely!

If you had it to do over again, would you have had Laser Vision Correction sooner?

Kristin: Definitely! I am grateful that I am young and have many more years to enjoy my new eyes but how much more of my youth would I have enjoyed had I made the decision sooner!?

My husband received LASEK here 18 months ago and I just did it last Thursday. At a week out I felt like I had swapped out old eyes for brand new ones! Where you go really matters. I was never one who would consider this type of procedure because of nervousness and I definitely wouldn’t have trusted anyone else but our Vold Vision family with my vision! The doctors Vold and McFarland, Christine, the nurses, and the front desk staff are all the best. Knowledgeable, Personable, friendly, and will help anyway they can! As someone who has worn glasses since I was 9, almost 20 years I am so grateful to have made this decision!  Thank you guys!

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