Ashley's Story

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Why did you decide to have LASEK?
“I wanted to inquire about the procedure and the costs incurred. I have been told I would and would not be able to receive lasek eye surgery by different optometrists, so I was unsure if I would even be a candidate for the procedure.”

What was your vision like before you had LASEK?
“My vision was AWFUL! Nearsighted, a -10.5 at my worst along with astigmatism.”

What were your biggest limitations before LASEK?
“Waking up and opening my eyes and being able to see anything, reading books, getting dry eyes, especially if I had to stay up and study late at night, also my prescription was so bad that my contacts and glasses were special order so I couldn’t just walk into the optometrists office and grab a box of contacts.”

How would you say LASEK has changed your life?
“I can see more clearly than I have ever seen with glasses or contacts.”

What is your biggest new freedom you’ve experience after LASEK?
“No more taking out contacts and putting them in daily.”

What activities do you enjoy most after LASEK?
“Exercising without my contacts drying out.”

Do you recommend LASEK to your friends & family?
“100% Absolutely!”

Why did you choose Vold Vision for LASEK?
“[Vold Vision has] an awesome reputation and have lived up to it though their advanced technology and skills by delivering me perfect eyesight.”

Is your new vision worth the cost of LASEK?
“…yes!… All the money spent on contacts and glasses over time outweighs the cost of what you would pay to receive Lasek.”

Knowing the freedom of clear vision now, would you have LASEK sooner if you could go back in time?
“Yes, A million times!”

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