Jeremy's Story

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Describe your eyesight and the limitations before Laser Vision Correction:

I was in the 3rd grade when I started wearing glasses and from that point on I essentially could not function without glasses. If I took my glasses off I saw nothing but a blurry blob of colors. I could not make out what objects were that were beyond an arm’s reach. In the 7th grade I started wearing contacts, but contacts were always very uncomfortable and caused my eyes to be irritated so that forced me into wearing my glasses a vast majority of the time.

Why did you decide to have Laser Vision Correction?

I finally got tired of waiting for the “perfect” time to have the surgery and was ready to spend the prime years of my life with my wife and three children without the need for glasses and contacts.

Describe your eyesight and the freedom you experience after Laser Vision Correction:

I now function with wonderful vision on a daily basis and never think of glasses or contacts. It truly is like being set free from the prison of glasses and contacts.

How would you say Laser Vision Correction has changed your life?

I no longer fumble around for glasses when waking up in the morning or the middle of the night just so I can see how to walk to the kitchen or bathroom. When I wake up, I see, and it really is wonderful! I am a high school basketball official in my spare time and I no longer have to worry about a contact falling out or about carrying extra contacts with me – or worse yet, wearing my glasses while officiating and setting myself up to be called a blind zebra! In short, I now have the freedom to do any activity I want and I do not have to agonize over the decision of whether to wear glasses or contacts.

If someone asked you if you would recommend Laser Vision Correction what would you say?

A resounding YES! Why toil in the abyss of glasses and contacts one more day than you have to.

Why did you chose Vold Vision for your procedure?

The relatively inexpensive cost of the surgery and the chance to have the surgery free by attending the evening consultation. After the fact, I would recommend Vold Vision to others because of their outstanding post-surgery care. Every question or concern I have had after the surgery has been handled quickly and professionally, and every appointment I have had to make has been worked to fit my schedule and the two hour drive to the clinic that I have to make.

Do you feel the cost is worth the benefits?

Absolutely…  to never pick up my glasses again or even worse, put the much despised contacts in my eyes has been worth every penny. Plus, it is interest free for a year – you cannot beat that!

If you had it to do over again, would you have had Laser Vision Correction sooner?

Yes! I was 32 when I had the surgery and I wish I would have done it a decade ago.

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