Mark's Story

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Describe your eyesight and the limitations before LASIK: 
20/70 vision. Difficult time reading street signs while driving, menus at fast food restaurants, powerpoint presentations on projectors

What made you reach the point of decision to have LASIK?
Frustration with sight limitations

What was your biggest fear going into LASIK?
The unknown

How was that fear overcome?
Confidence in eye doctor

Describe your eyesight and the freedom you experience after LASIK: 
Perfect! Great to see everything even better than my friends & Family. I sometimes feel guilty I can see so well

How would you say LASIK has changed your life? 
No longer have difficulty seeing anything or asking someone to read something for me

If someone asked you if you would recommend LASIK what would you say? 
It’s worth it. Recovery isn’t bad at all.

Why did you chose Vold Vision for your procedure?
Credibility/confidence in eye doctor

Do you feel the cost is worth the benefits?

If you had it to do over again, would you have had LASIK sooner?

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