"I would like to say THANK YOU Vold Vision!!! I did not have really bad vision by any means...but I missed seeing like I did when I was younger. Now...I see like a hawk! I truly had a wonderful experience with the whole Lasek treatment. From the very beginning to this point 6 months later...I have never been happier to be able to see 20/20! I really appreciated the way the Vold Vision team explained everything and how every mile stone was just as it was explained, from the pre-operation to the 6 month checkup. The staff and team at Vold Vision treated me with the up most respect and courtesy. If you want a great Lasek experience and vision improvement...look no farther than Vold Vision! It's easy...It's fast, and it's amazing!"

Bobby J.

I decided to have LASEK… What a world of difference!

“Thank God for Dr. Vold and the staff at Vold Vision!! I have worn glasses since I was 10 and contacts since I was 14. Activities that I love to do were limited because I had to make sure that there was no wind or dust to irritate my eyes. When traveling I always had to make sure that I had glasses, solution, extra lenses and cases (I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone how fun it is to travel on airplanes with liquids) and at every place that I spent a large amount of time I had to have extra supplies. My husband had LASEK in January by Dr. Vold, and seeing how the doctors and staff cared for him and how happy he was with the procedure, I decided to have LASEK in March. What a world of difference! Pre-op was easy, glasses for ten days, and vitamins (which I already took anyway!) Post-op was easy too, vitamins and eye drops. I took a couple days off work and life is grand! I am enjoying things like running, swimming, bicycling, and other activities without having to worry about my contacts! My son had LASEK in May and my other son is counting the days until he can have the procedure also. The office and staff have been phenomenal, friendly and helpful on every level. Thank you Vold Vision!”

Kitty M.

I should have done this [LASEK] 5 years ago

“Thank you Dr. Vold and everybody at Vold Vision. I typically don’t do the whole Dr. thing but when I saw how easy the initial scan was, I figured I could do this. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in the 3rd grade, I wore contacts through parts of High School and College, but they were not working as well for me now that I was in my 40’s. I am an avid motorcycle rider and having to wear sunglasses over my glasses not my idea of comfortable. Dr. Mcfarland and Dr. Vold are definitely at the top of their field. The initial eye exam was as thorough as any I had previously had. The actual procedure was quick and easier than I thought it would be. The first week after surgery was a bit of a challenge, but the staff was very helpful and helped me see how my vision was progressing. I now enjoy, swimming, riding my motorcycle and wearing “normal” sunglasses. I still look at my alarm clock every morning when I wake up amazed that I can see it. I still try to take my glasses off when I get in the shower. I should have done this 5 years ago. Again, thank you very much Dr. Vold and everyone at Vold Vision.”

Randy M.

We love your… uplifting environment

“I am so impressed!… WE are both so thankful to VoldVision for your team’s eye care provided to date….WE love your firms ‘can do’ and ultra positive attitude all in an uplifting environment that is immediately felt when one steps foot into your facility.”

Philip M.

Why didn’t I do this [LASEK] earlier?

“For Lasek surgery…. I’m not sure there’s a better place to get this done. I walked in and got to see a live procedure done, talked with patients that had it done, Dr. Vold and Dr. McFarland , they explained everything and what to expect. I’m now not wearing glasses and loving it! I used my FSA for payment.. Take advantage of this early so you won’t say to yourself, “Why didn’t I do this earlier??”

Vold Vision Patient

The staff at Vold Vision could not be better.

“Dr. Vold performed LASEK surgery on me in November of 2014. I immediately noticed a huge improvement to my vision. I had the procedure done on a Thursday. I was back to work by Monday, and driving on my own by Tuesday. My sensitivity to sunlight lasted about 30 days, and sensitivity to nighttime lighting (headlights, streetlights, etc) lasted about 60 days. Within 30 days from my surgery, my vision was at 20/20. I recently had my 90 day check up and my vision is 20/15, and I scored a couple of a bonus points on the 20/10 line.  Ive never been able to see this well without glasses or contacts. I still am surprised at how my vision has increased. The procedure itself lasted about 10 minutes, and was painless. There was some mild discomfort at times, but nothing I would equate to pain. The majority of which was the two days following my procedure. The staff at Vold Vision could not be better. They answered all my questions, and have always been available to me when I needed them. In short, I don’t have a negative thing to say about my experience and would recommend it to anyone.’’

Vold Vision Patient

Best thing I ever did.

“I had monovision LASEK done because I am both near and far sighted. I love not wearing glasses anymore. It didn’t hurt at all and was way faster than I thought it would be! Best thing I ever did.”

Vold Vision Patient

 “The best thing I did for myself in a long long time.”

Vold Vision Patient

I will forever be grateful for this.

“It has been a week since I had a life-changing experience called LASEK surgery! Thank you so much again and again Dr. Vold for your kindness and generosity. I will be forever grateful for this. May God bless you and your team more.”

Vold Vision Patient

The people at Vold Vision are so friendly & will make you feel totally comfortable.

“If you have ever thought about LASEK, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I took my fiancé to one of the after hours deals, I turned out not a candidate but she was and it was amazing. The people at Vold vision are so friendly and will make you feel totally comfortable. Thank you Christin, Dr. Vold and Dr. McFarland.”

Vold Vision Patient

Seriously the best decision I’ve made.

“Seriously the best decision I’ve made [LASEK]… No glasses for me!! No surprises… they told me exactly what to expect. They took a scary moment for me and make me feel comfortable knowing I was in good hands… Just do it! You wont regret it.”

Vold Vision Patient

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