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Glaucoma Impacts All Ages*

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Chris’ mom, Audrey, knew glaucoma ran in their family, but she never guessed her 15-year-old son, Chris would be diagnosed with it. “I was just taking him for an annual eye exam,” Audrey said. “I would have never dreamed they would find glaucoma. It was scary. I wasn’t sure what they would be able to do for him.” Thankfully, Dr. Vold and our team have Chris’ glaucoma under control. As glaucoma awareness month draws to a close, we want to remind our community that glaucoma impacts all ages, and it is important to have your annual eye exams. Called the “silent thief of sight,” glaucoma typically has no symptoms, and patients can lose up to 40% of their vision before realizing they have the chronic disease. #glaucomagamechanger


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