Information About Cataract Services

In most cases, cloudy or blurry vision can be a symptom of a slow progression of cataracts. Over time, this condition only worsens when left untreated and can even lead to blindness. The good news is cataracts can be corrected with surgery. Learn about the latest cataracts techniques and what may be right for you at Void Vision in Fayetteville, AR. Contact our vision practice today and schedule an eye exam with one of our specialists.

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Just like laser surgery and glaucoma, Vold Vision offers specialized programs for cataract sufferers, including surgeries that return clear vision.

A healthy eye has a clear lens, like a camera lens, which brings light into focus. A cataract is a clouding of that lens, located behind the pupil.

A cataract occurs deep inside the eye, causing vision to slowly degrade. Vold Vision offers numerous cataract treatments to help restore lost vision.

Dr. Vold personally answers his patients' questions regarding cataracts, the available surgeries and treatments, and the outstanding outcomes.

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