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Leaders in Cataract Correction

With more than 2 million people undergoing cataract surgery every year, finding the right doctor is the first and most important step in your treatment process. The surgeons at Vold Vision are leaders in cataract surgery and offer treatment plans that work with patients through each stage. Our seasoned surgeons and sophisticated technology work together to ensure our patients have the best options, and use the advancements today to fine-tune each cataract surgery to achieve the most effective outcome possible. Each of our patients have unique prescriptions, visual history, and individual situations. We have dedicated team members who will sit down with the patient to help them understand the best surgical option.


What is a Cataract?

A cataract is a clouding of the lens within the eye that normally produces clear vision. While cataracts are extremely common, affecting millions each year, the diagnosis can still be upsetting since it is an eye condition that can lead to serious vision loss. Thankfully, through a revolutionary blend of technology and surgeon skill, Vold Vision is able to offer patients many options to remove the cloudy lenses and restore vision.


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Understanding Your Options

With modern advancements in technology, Vold Vision is pleased to offer several options that may help you not only eliminate your cataracts, but also allow you to see near, far, and everything in between…with little to no dependence on glasses and contacts!

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Intraocular Lens Options:

LIFESTYLE LENS- Enjoy a Full Range of Clear Vision

The revolutionary PanOptix® Lens offers patients a full range of vision to enhance their active lifestyle. PanOptix® is the first and only trifocal lens available in the United States and has been an absolute game-changer for patients who are ready to be free of glasses and contacts. From reading up-close, seeing the computer screen clearly, or going out to enjoy a show, PanOptix® allows patients to truly enjoy vision at each distance. In a FDA study, 99% of patients with the PanOptix® Lens love their new vision so much, they said they would choose the lens again. Our patients who select this lens share they are enjoying a quality of life and vision they never dreamed possible.

LIGHT-ADJUSTABLE LENS- Say Hello to Custom Distance Vision

The RxSight® Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) is an unprecedented technology that gives the patient complete control of their final visual outcome. The first truly customizable lens, the LAL uses an ultraviolet (UV) light source that allows the patient and their doctor to dial in their perfect distance vision after cataract surgery. This adjustability gives the patient a lens tailored specifically for their eyes, and the potential of seeing even better than 20/20 at a distance. Patients also enjoy a greater depth of focus with the LAL and optics reach a clarity that patients describe as “HD” quality. You will still need glasses for intermediate and near activities.

DISTANCE LENS- Enjoy Seeing Clearly at a Distance

Utilizing the industry leading wavefront monofocal lens, the Distance option offers patients the freedom to enjoy life with minimal to no need for glasses or contacts to see far away. With their new distance vision, patients can see road signs, appreciate nature, watch television, or take in a sporting event in a new life changing way.

DISTANCE PLUS LENS- Say Goodbye to Your Astigmatism & Hello to Distance Vision

The Distance Plus option offers patients with astigmatism the opportunity to see far away with minimal to no need for distance glasses or contacts. With our toric intraocular lens, patients who have suffered from the difficulty of astigmatism can now experience visual freedom they never thought possible.

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