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Specializing In Plastic Surgery of the Eyes and Face

Welcome to Vold Vision’s Oculoplastic & Cosmetic Services led by Dr. Barron Heymann. Dr. Heymann is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in oculoplastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic facial surgery.

Oculoplastic and orbital surgery is plastic surgery focused on the structures surrounding the eye, including the eyelids, lacrimal system (tear duct system), forehead, orbit (bones of the eye socket), and midface area. Given surgery in these areas can impact your vision, selecting an ophthalmic oculoplastic surgeon is important. Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists first. They specialize in treating everything in and around the eyes and are best qualified to perform these procedures and delicate surgeries.

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Reconstructive Medical Procedures

Dr. Heymann performs a wide breadth of surgeries and procedures that improves patient's vision and revives the appearance of their eyes and face. Among the most common are blepharoplasty and ptosis repair to correct droopy eyelids and improve vision. A blepharoplasty removes sagging skin from the eyelids to restore a youthful look and improve peripheral vision. A ptosis repair lifts the edge of a drooping eyelid and restores it to its normal position out of the line of sight. Dr. Heymann will also perform brow lifts, remove lid lesions (such as styes, skin tags, and skin cancers), repair blocked tear ducts, correct eyelids that are turned inward (entropion) or away from the eye (ectropion), treat patients with orbital and eyelid trauma, and evaluate patients with thyroid eye disease.

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Cosmetic Treatments to Revive & Refresh


Cosmetic procedures can invigorate your appearance and help recapture a youthful look. Dr. Heymann specializes in eye lifts, brow lifts, mid-face lifts and lower eye lid sculpting. He also offers office-based procedures such as Botox, Juvederm and Radiesse injections. We invite you to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Heymann to review any questions or concerns cosmetic surgery can help address.


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