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Finding the right vision center and surgeon is a daunting task for many, with seemingly endless options. Vold Vision is the only ophthalmology-specific facility in Northwest Arkansas can provide the highest credentials from the Joint Commission. With other doctors and professionals across the world coming to ophthalmologist Dr. Steven Vold for training, his dedication and expertise are clear. Meeting with our staff is typically the best way to decide on a good match, but the words of former and current Vold Vision patients can also help you establish the quality of our work. Below, you can read the praises and successes of past patients to understand from the inside what a positive experience Vold Vision can provide for you.

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Review from C.D.  |  Source: Facebook  |  Feb 02, 2022

I started noticing my left eyelid dropping in 2019, but all my friends and family told me it was in my head. No one else saw it, even when I pointed it out. As time passed, I noticed the droop was progressing, which really start to devastate me because I’ve always liked my eyes. Even worse, no one else seemed to see it but me; as someone who lives with my face, I knew it what I was seeing. I’m getting married in May 2022 and have been desperately trying to find a solution for this before we take wedding pictures I will have forever. I don’t have time for surgery right now, and I had heard about a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that may fix it, but I was nervous to take a risk. I had an appointment with Dr. Sharon Napier last week and it went better than I could have ever imagined! Hanna and I looked at pictures of me from the last two years and I showed her my progression, and amazingly enough, someone finally saw what I had been talking about the last two years. I felt seen. Hanna and Dr. Napier told me about a new eye drop made for adults with acquired ptosis (exactly what I thought my diagnosis would be) and said I was a perfect candidate. We tried the drops during my appointment, and miraculously enough, 20 minutes after putting them in, my left eyelid had raised and now matched the right eyelid. I am so relieved to have found a solution that can remedy my current situation without a procedure since right now I don’t have the time for one! Both Hanna and Dr. Napier had wonderful bedside manner and were very empathetic. They gained my trust by being honest with me during my appointment, and I plan on going back when my condition has progressed and it’s time for the surgery. 6/5 stars. ⭐️ More

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