Top 10 Reasons to Get Laser Vision Correction

1. Traveling

That long-anticipated summer vacation? Enjoy the breeze, water, and sand without worrying about a contact lens malfunction! No more worrying about bringing along the extra set of contacts or glasses. No more solutions or cases. See the world with no strings attached!

2. Swimming & Water Sports

We all know that glasses are a pain in the boat or in the water, and the same goes for contacts. Wakeboarding, hoping your contacts don’t fly out when you wipe out… dried out contacts from that wonderful wind in your face on the boat… the glasses that flew overboard by accident… no thanks. Enjoy the freedom of LASEK all summer at the lake, pool or beach!

3. An Active Lifestyle

If you’re active, you know the frustration: dry contacts or unsteady glasses while running, biking, hiking, or other activities.

Leave all the lost contacts and scratched glasses behind!

4. Fitness & Working Out

Sweating through a workout and pushing your glasses up for the millionth time.

You’re too hardcore for glasses and contacts!

5. Sunglasses

It can get expensive having to purchase sunglasses that are prescription for the days you aren’t wearing contacts and then have your non-prescription versions for when you do. Save the money and get LASEK, less hassle and more fun!

6. Good Morning!

You can wake up in the morning and actually see the world clearly! Many people have LASEK surgery done for this reason alone. How nice would it be to be able to wake up without having to search for your glasses, or stumble around and put your contacts in?!?

7. TV

For those of us who finally find time to catch up on our TV in bed, either our contacts are out so we can’t quite read the guide, or we’re wearing our glasses and can’t get comfortably snuggled up without the frames going out of whack. It’s the simple things in life!

8. Comfort

You can finally be comfortable. How many of us suffer through discomfort while wearing glasses or contacts. Contacts often cause allergic reactions, itchiness, red eyes, burning and other irritations. Glasses can even be worse causing painful headaches due to pressure or a slightly off prescription. Move on with LASEK.

9. Clearer Vision

Enjoy better vision than before. Many patients experience better sight after LASEK than they did with corrective eyewear.

10. Save Money

The average person in contact lenses will spend between $5,000-$18,000 over 30 years. That’s a lot of money for something that is a hassle and annoying! Depending on the type of glasses you wear, the average person will spend around $10,000 in glasses over 30 years. Ouch! Put it towards LASIK and in most cases, you’ll end up SAVING money – how good of a deal is that?!? The cost is just $4,495-$4,895 total and includes BOTH eyes and all your appointments for 1 year. Our layaway and payment plans make it affordable for nearly everyone – starting at $99/mo!* Your insurance or employer may offer a discount so be sure to ask us about that as well. **Offered by a 3rd party, based on approved credit and $4,000 purchase amount.


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