Vold Vision - Dry Eye LipiFlow Treatment

There are an estimated 30 million dry eye sufferers in the US. Approximately 86% of dry eye sufferers have a condition called meibomian gland dysfunction or MGD. MGD is a chronic and progressive condition caused by obstruction of the meibomian glands. This obstruction diminishes the quality of the tear film layers, which then fail to protect the ocular surface, leading to uncomfortable dry eyes. The effective removal of obstruction restores gland function. Through proprietary inner lid heating and vectored thermal pulsation, LipiFlow uniquely removes obstruction in a single dose, with clinically proven sustained effects. In developing LipiFlow, TearScience made key scientific breakthroughs, bypassing significant natural obstacles in the eyelid which protect the eye from damage due to extreme temperatures. When applying heat from the external lid surface, natural barriers are encountered, including eyelid tissue, the tarsal plate, and the homeostatic heat wicking effect of the vasculature. A very high level of heat would be required to penetrate these barriers and liquefy meibomian gland blockage. Liquefied gland oils rapidly cool and become solid once heat is removed, severely limiting the effect of external heating methods. External lid heating requires an uncomfortably high level of pressure and frequent ongoing applications to even partially clear solidified gland obstruction. LipiFlow includes state-of-the-art safety features which protect the cornea and globe from heat and pressure. Only LipiFlow heats the meibomian glands from the inner lid surface, liquefying oils with a minimum application of heat. Only LipiFlow evacuates the gland contents using gentle peristaltic pressure simultaneous to the heating process, and only LipiFlow achieves the core therapeutic goal of removing gland obstruction completely in a single treatment step. LipiFlow integrates easily into practice flow, improving overall patient care and promoting the growth of your practice. TearScience is proud to partner with an expanding network of providers who are successfully increasing the standard of care for the treatment of MGD.