Vold Vision - Katie - Laser Vision Correction Testimonial

See how Katie feels about her Laser Vision Correction procedure at Vold Vision!

Katie's Story

Katie: I was severely nearsighted. I've had glasses since the beginning of third grade. My prescription was -5.75, so I was pretty nearsighted. My glasses were very thick. I remember going to the eye doctor at one point and I couldn't read the biggest E on the chart, so it was pretty bad.

Spouse: Dr. Vold, his Vold Vision, they actually donated a LASIK procedure to the American Heart Association to put up for auction at one of the charity events here in northwest Arkansas. That night we were there and it was really just a spur of the moment thing. We'd always looked into, but we ended up getting the surgery and we've been extremely pleased with just Dr. Vold and Dr. McFarland, and just the service that they'd offered to us there.

It's cool too that the money that we put towards her surgery due to the generosity of Vold Vision, all that money actually went to the American Heart Association.

Katie: My surgery was only 30 seconds in each eye. I sat up from the table and I could see clearly.

Spouse: We were driving on the way home and even though she was supposed to be closing her eyes and resting, she kept wanting to look around because ... She said, "I can see that billboard from here." The results were immediate and they've only continued to get better.

Katie: I love recommending things I'm passionate about and I did a whole blog post about LASIK and Vold Vision, and the experience that we had. I would recommend it to anybody.

I feel like people take it for granted just waking up and being able to see because I have never had that luxury. I think about it every morning when I wake up, that I'm not like searching around for my glasses before I can see my way to the bathroom. It's more than just a convenience. It's really changed our lives.

Spouse: Yeah, lifestyle all together.