Vold Vision - LASEK Testimonial by David

Last night I went swimming for the first time since Laser. I put divers mask on, go underneath the water and actually see. You always here, TV's HDTV stuff, this is way better. My eyesight before Laser, it was horrible. Take my glasses off, I couldn't see. You had to have stuff really close to your face to even it. You'd see silhouettes of stuff. My freedom after Laser, after the washed my eyes down, I mean I could see ... I mean, just like I'm seeing right now. I mean it was just crystal clear. My experience with Vold Vision, everybody here is very nice. I walk in the door, they actually know my name, and they used to say, "Hey David, how you doing?" It's just a good place. I 100% back it up and say, "Hey, this is it." And everybody that I've talked to that has had it done, is the same way too. And now that I've had it done, I'm just wow. I mean, why didn't I take the money that I spent on glasses and actually have laser? I still catch myself during the day, trying to push my glasses up. I see better now than I did with my glasses. It's well worth it, well worth it.