Vold Vision - Meet Dr. Michael McFarland - Optometrist

My name is Dr. Michael McFarland, and I'm an optometrist at Vold Vision. I am the director of clinical research. I chose the field of optometry at a very young age. I went to the optometrist in the second grade, and he did this really cool test, it's called the Stereo Fly. What that is, is it basically checks your depth perception. You get to wear these neat glasses, and it's called the Stereo Fly because there's a little bitty fly that floats above the page if you have good stereo vision. I thought it was really cool, and ever since then, second grade, I wanted to be an optometrist. I came to Vold Vision because I really, really wanted to be in the northwest Arkansas area. My wife had done an internship with Tyson Foods here. I was in a rural practice for a very short time, and Dr. Vold was the one where we sent all our cataract referrals and glaucoma referrals to. We found out that we worked really well together. The patients that stick out most in my mind are those ones we that we have with refractive surgery. Glasses, contacts, if we're able to get rid of those for patients using Lasik's SMILE, PRK, things like that, then have all this newfound freedom. Those are the most fun patients to work with for me. It's fun to be able to work with the full spectrum of patients on a daily basis. I may see a six-month-old in the morning, and a hundred-year-old in the afternoon. No matter what problem they have, we usually can help them in some sort of way. The thing I like most about the job is helping people to see with new technology. That's my favorite part of it, is that the technology changes so rapidly. It's a very exciting time to be in medicine. When I'm not at Vold Vision I like to spend time with my family. We like to do a lot of outdoor events, golfing, hunting, fishing, anything outdoors. We really enjoy Razorback sporting events. The thing I like most about northwest Arkansas is the wonderful community it has. It has wonderful schools, and it's just a beautiful place to live.