Vold Vision - NWA Cataract Leader

Listen as Lynda Hicklen shares her experience with Vold Vision, and the quality of her vision after having cataract surgery at Vold.

Lynda Shares Her Experience

Megan: Linda Hicklan is a retired assistant principal after 15 years of service. She's struggled with dullness in lighting, blurriness reading, and driving at night. Linda turned to Vold Vision for cataract surgery, and now, retirement is looking much brighter.

Linda: The first and foremost thing is to spend more time with my family and my grandchildren.

Megan: Only three days into retirement, it has increased her quality of life.

Linda: It has truly been a life-changing experience and the quality of my vision has so greatly improved.

Megan: Prior to surgery, she noticed a difference during her daily routines.

Linda: Sometimes early morning reading seemed to be a little bit blurry. Then sometimes driving at night.

Megan: A neighbor recommended Vold Vision.

Linda: That gave me a reassurance that this was a good place for me to come to, also.

Steven Vold: We were the very first in Arkansas to bring laser cataract surgery.

Linda: This is a state of the art facility.

Steven Vold: We're talking about a bladeless surgery, a procedure that essentially takes five minutes or less, many times. We can customize your visual outcomes.

Megan: What was Ms. Hicklan facing?

Steven Vold: A cataract is a cloudy lens. It's like having a dirty windshield on the car. You can change your glasses all you want, but until you wash the windshield, you don't see better. We essentially washed the windshield for you and put in a customized lens that gives you unbelievably good vision.We actually have a device called the "ORA," which we can actually measure the prescription in-surgery before we're done. We can double check, make sure that the prescription is absolutely perfect, before you even leave the operating room.

Megan: After surgery?

Linda: Things appear to be much brighter. It was so much easier to read. My vision was much improved for night driving, also. The days ahead in my retirement seem a real plus for me. I would certainly recommend Dr. Vold and his team. It's just the best.

Steven Vold: Your sight is our vision.