Vold Vision - Penny Belt LASIK story #LASIKbyVOLD

Penny Belt LASIK story #LASIKbyVOLD

Penny Belt Lasik Story

Megan Graddy: Having LASIK is an important decision. Today we're learning about the important of selecting a provider with the most advanced technology. That's what lead local realtor, Penny Belt, to Vold Vision.

Penny Belt: I can see the phone. I can see the numbers on the houses. I can see signs far away. I can see all the time. It changed my life.

Megan Graddy: Penny had worn glasses since high school and she said they had become an inconvenience.

Penny Belt: I did not want to wear contacts or glasses anymore. It's cumbersome, it's expensive, it's unhealthy. I don't have time for it.

Megan Graddy: She said her decision was clear after visiting Vold.

Penny Belt: The customer service I received, the technology that they had, with such care and such concern for me and my concerns. I've been elsewhere and this is the best I've ever seen.

Dr. Steven Vold: Having the best technology for our patients is very important to me, and the reason simply is this: I want to give the patients of northwest Arkansas the best care they can get anywhere in the world.

Megan Graddy: The Smart Bed technology sinks with a patient's breathing.

Dr. Steven Vold: With a bed like this, it holds the patient extremely stable and moves with them when they move.

Penny Belt: The technology is so good that I don't have to worry about human error.

Megan Graddy: And when you move ...

Dr. Steven Vold: The laser automatically shuts off.

Penny Belt: And that was exactly what I wanted to hear to make me pull the trigger to do this.

Megan Graddy: The procedure doesn't take long, either.

Dr. Steven Vold: It lasts literally just a few seconds a lot of times, and so for patients, they say, "I can do that."

Penny Belt: There was no pain. It was quick and I could see that evening.

Dr. Steven Vold: There's no loss of vision during the procedure, there's almost immediate recovery, and you're going to get the most accurate, best results possible.

Penny Belt: Didn't have to worry about a temporary loss of sight, or a loss of sight, period. I can see. You will get your money's worth and you'll get treated well and it will change your life.

Megan Graddy: Vold Vision uses the same Smart Bed technology with the new, SMILE procedure that made recent, national news.

Dr. Steven Vold: Best patient care for the best patient.