Vold Vision - Understanding the Cornea

The cornea is the clear window into the eye. If the cornea is not clear, then our vision cannot be good. It's absolutely essential that we take careful and close care of the cornea. The cornea disease really includes a wide spectrum for things that are very simple and very easily treatable, up to things that are moderate and things that are even severe. Being the window into the eye, we have multiple different treatments for each specific problem. Really, the treatment has to be tailored very specifically to the right patients. We have treatment plans and ways to care for all different kinds of corneal diseases. There's everything from very simple problems, like dry eye, which can be treated very easily with different kinds of medications, all the way up until transplanting the cells of the cornea. We have full thickness transplants of the cornea and also partial thickness. All of this really needs to be tailored to the specific patients and the specific problem that they have. We have many ways to deal with corneal problems.