Meet the Staff

Vold Vision’s staff are the frontrunners of our operation. From scheduling to helping you pick out your new glasses, our excellent staff is there to assist you every step of the way. 

Abra Pumphrey

Surgery Director

Abra Pumphrey works with all aspects of surgery, including scheduling, customer service, patient satisfaction, and more. Serving as the Vold Vision Surgery Director, she leads a team of nurses, medical assistants, and surgical coordinators. She is knowledgeable about every surgery offered here at Vold and can work with patients and train our staff members while continuing to learn new and advanced techniques and methodologies.

Abra Pumphrey has been a registered nurse for over 12 years and holds a BSN degree in nursing. She is our official Certified Director of Nursing and is integrated with every surgery that takes place here at Vold.

, Meet Our Staff, Vold Vision

“When our patients come in, their eye health is usually in poor condition. They are scared, and their quality of life is usually greatly impacted due to their condition. I enjoy playing a part in giving our patients the gift of sight back. Seeing their reactions and hearing their excitement after surgery is such a neat feeling. It’s hard to explain how much that means as a nurse – to play a role in that overwhelming and exciting happy ending. I love the fun, friendly environment at Vold Vision, the team I work with, and being able to serve patients.”

, Meet Our Staff, Vold Vision

Rick Rakotz

Board-Certified Optician

As our board-certified optician, Rick Rakotz is essential to the Vold Vision team and patient experience. With 31 years of experience, Rick Rakotz is excited to improve your vision with various optical options. He is here to assist our patients with finding the right pair of glasses or contact lenses for their lifestyle needs.

He is also a director on the Arkansas Opticians Association Board and a certified instructor for the American Board of Opticians. We also thank Rick Rakotz for his service to our country during his time in the United States Air Force.

, Meet Our Staff, Vold Vision

Director on Arkansas Opticians Association Board

, Meet Our Staff, Vold Vision

Board-Certified Optician
& Certified Instructor

, Meet Our Staff, Vold Vision

United States Air Force Veteran

John Hensley

Refractive Surgery Coordinator

John has been at Vold Vision for 8 years, both as an Opthalmic Technician, Laser Vision Correction Coordinator, and Patient Concierge, a position he loves most! Originally from North Little Rock, he received his BA from the University of Arkansas in 1997 and lived in South Florida for 15 years, working in Special Events and Entertainment with Companies from all over the world. He now makes his home in Fayetteville, where he enjoys playing the Ozark dulcimer, piano, and calling the Hogs!

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