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ReLEx SMILE is the latest advancement in laser vision correction surgery. Like LASIK and other laser treatments, SMILE can lead to clearer vision in minutes, reducing or eliminating the need for contacts or glasses. This exciting, groundbreaking technology offers a faster recovery than comparable procedures and a seamless in-office experience.

Vold Vision is proud to be the first vision facility in Arkansas to offer SMILE to patients. Every patient that experiences SMILE leaves Vold Vision smiling, and we are thrilled to journey with our patients as they achieve crystal clear vision!

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SMILE, or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, is one of the most advanced laser vision correction procedures to enter the market. It truly redefines ease and comfort in the field of laser eye surgery. As a “kind and gentle” laser procedure, patients love how easy the process is. 

While the cornea has five layers, our advanced technology focuses on the middle layer, which the eye uses to focus. In one simple step, the laser is applied for less than 30 seconds to reshape the cornea to its optimal form. 

Approved as safe and effective by the FDA, SMILE dramatically reduces contact time with your cornea compared to other laser eye surgeries. Patients are comfortable during the entire process, and when it is over, they are left with the amazing ability to see.

Using a keyhole technique, SMILE can correct myopia (short-sightedness) and astigmatism without creating a “flap” on the cornea. SMILE combines the established corrective vision techniques of femtosecond laser technology with an unmatched level of precision and comfort. 

After being prepped for treatment, your eyes will be stabilized. The SMILE laser makes a tiny keyhole incision and creates a thin lens-shaped layer below the eye’s surface, known as a lenticule. The nearly invisible lenticule is removed through the keyhole incision. The removal changes your cornea’s shape, correcting the focus of light on the back of your retina. 

Patients typically feel very little, if at all, during the procedure. Some report a sense of coolness from the fluids being used, but there is little to no discomfort. The cornea remains stable during the procedure, and the recovery is typically just a few short days.

ZEISS SMILE is available for those who do not want or cannot receive LASIK surgery. Some people who are not candidates for LASIK or other Laser Vision Correction procedures may be candidates for SMILE. Depending on your unique eye condition, one laser eye procedure may be recommended to you over the others. 

The new SMILE technology also involves less risk since it uses a small incision rather than a corneal flap. Some of the additional benefits of ZEISS SMILE include:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Fast procedure, only a few minutes long
  • Minimal downtime
  • Reduced or no need for lenses after
  • Less risk of dry eye

Over 8 million SMILE surgeries have improved patients’ vision worldwide, and the numbers continue to rise daily. 

SMILE dramatically reduces discomfort and recovery time compared to other corneal surface treatments, but you will still need a ride home after the procedure. Due to the minimally invasive nature of the surgery, the one incision heals in just one to two days. 

Any itchiness or watery eyes should also dissipate in a couple of days, at which point most patients can drive. You will be able to use electronic screens the next day with breaks, but swimming and other strenuous activities should wait about a week. Antibiotic and lubricating eye drops will be prescribed to assist in the healing process.

Throughout your vision correction journey, you will have our in-house concierge answer any questions you may have regarding your procedure and recovery process.

SMILE is usually the best vision correction procedure for people struggling with near-sighted vision with astigmatism or higher prescriptions. People with dry eye or corneal surface issues from overusing contact lenses can also benefit from SMILE. 

Candidates must be over 18 with a stable prescription for at least a year. Our experienced eye doctors at Vold Vision will guide you through the refraction process and vision tests to determine if you are a suitable SMILE candidate. 

We will guide you through alternative treatments if you are not eligible for SMILE surgery. Our laser vision correction department offers outstanding options for patients based on their unique vision needs.

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Why Should I Go to Vold Vision for SMILE Eye Surgery?

After its FDA approval, Dr. Vold was one of the very first surgeons in the United States to perform SMILE surgery. Vold Vision takes great pride in offering patients the latest eye surgery techniques to gain better vision and quality of life within minutes. 

We invite you to call our Laser Vision Correction concierge to start a life without glasses. You can feel confident knowing that we use the world’s most advanced vision correction technology – ReLEx SMILE, performed by the vision leaders in laser vision correction surgery.

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