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Dr. McFarland, a board-certified optometric physician that is skilled in glaucoma treatment, clinical research, and refractive surgical care.

Meet Dr. Michael McFarland
Board-Certified Optometric Physician

With years of research and treatment experience, particularly in glaucoma care, patients feel safe in his dedicated hands. When Dr. McFarland is not practicing at Vold Vision or working on his Master’s degree, he can be found golfing, fishing, working out, or spending time with his wife and sons. His ongoing education and passion for advancing the optometry field are evident in his patients’ satisfaction.

Dr. McFarland is particularly skilled in diagnosing and treating glaucoma and has dedicated his research and expertise to the field. As a committed scientist and physician, he is involved in numerous clinical research studies and consistently works towards more effective procedures and treatments. He is also skilled in refractive surgical care as well as the treatment of many other eye diseases.

With an undergraduate degree from Pittsburg State University, Dr. McFarland has remained at the top of his class throughout his education. He completed a Doctorate of Optometry (OD) from the University of Missouri at St. Louis from the College of Optometry with top grades before undergoing a Residency at Vold Vision. Presently, Dr. McFarland is continuing his education while working as one of the lead practitioners at Vold Vision. He is a candidate for a master’s degree in clinical vision research at NOVA Southeastern University in the College of Optometry.

Dr. McFarland is a proud member of the American Optometric Association as well as the Arkansas Optometric Association. As a researcher, his work has gained recognition in the field, and he has been published in the leading professional publication Glaucoma Today. Additionally, he has earned the Norman E. Wallis Excellence Award for achieving the highest optometry board score in America.

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