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Vold Vision in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is an advanced, spacious vision center that provides a remarkable and comfortable patient experience. Our accomplished surgeons and staff deliver top-quality treatment in a secure environment.

Vold Vision provides cutting-edge exam and consultation rooms and an ophthalmology research and innovation center. In our Ozark conference room, people from all over the country come for staff and industry training. 

We are also the only ophthalmology-specific facility in Arkansas to receive the Joint Commission certification for our outpatient surgical center. High quality is the standard when you come to us for treatment.

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2783 North Shiloh Drive
Fayetteville, AR 72704

Phone: 479-442-8653

Mon – Fri*
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The Vold Vision lobby has been specially curated and designed to present patients with a warm welcome with the bold, hand-painted art on the walls created by one of our patients. When you enter, our friendly staff is happy to help you begin your check-in process. 

While you wait, you can watch TV or browse through Northwest Arkansas landscape and seasonal photography. We are proud of our comfortable reception area with Razorback décor across the room and a relaxed environment.

Within our comprehensive clinics, Vold Vision employs technology that accurately measures and diagnoses most eye conditions. For over 70% of patients, our Zeiss i-Profiler measures each eye separately, recording anomalies with wavefront technology. 

To detect early cataracts, dry eye, and refraction, we use the H-D Analyzer to measure the effects of ocular scatter–the degradation of the retinal image of the eye. For diagnosing vision defects such as glaucoma and other neuro-visual disorders, our doctors use the Diopsys NOVA-VEP Vision Testing technology to measure the pathway from the eyes to the brain’s visual center.

For outpatient surgeries, Vold Vision has an advanced ambulatory surgery center. As the only ophthalmology-specific ambulatory surgery center credentialed by the Joint Commission in Northwest Arkansas, we provide top-level quality eye care. Our prestigious center garners surgeons and industry professionals worldwide to observe and learn from our techniques and technology.

Our ORA system measures the eyes before cataract surgery through intraoperative wavefront aberrometry. The laser LenSX technology during cataract surgery treats cataracts in seconds and requires less downtime and recovery than any other cataract surgery.

While many of Vold Vision’s ocular procedures significantly improve a patient’s vision, some patients may need or want glasses or contact lenses. Vold Vision has a state-of-the-art Optical Shop inside our office for patient convenience. 

Working with the doctors of Vold Vision, the Optical Shop team understands each patient’s specific needs, helping patients choose the glasses and contact lenses for the best results.

At the Vold Vision Optical Shop, patients can choose from eyeglass frames by various designers for a comfortable fit and attractive look. After the patient chooses the frames, our team will help them learn more about their lens options. 

Single vision, bifocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses are customizable with different features for each patient’s needs and lifestyle. Each lens type can include UV protection, anti-reflective coating, scratch resistance, blue light filter, and impact resistance. Prescription sunglasses are also available.

If patients want other optical options, a proper contact lens fitting is crucial to ensure comfort and eye health. Poor-fitting lenses can lead to corneal abrasions, scarring, and infection. The Vold Vision Optical Shop staff spends time with every patient helping them understand their options.

With various top-rated and popular brands, Vold Vision offers disposable, bifocal, multifocal, colored, enhancing, gas permeable (GP), and other specialty contact lenses.

As a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical research study facility, Vold Vision is invested in pioneering new procedures for optical patients. The Vold Vision team is on the front lines pushing for best-in-class care, investing in research and clinical innovation to enhance patient quality of care. Vold Vision also prioritizes providing more cost-effective vision correction options in these challenging economic times. 

Our doctors and researchers commit to participating in highly relevant clinical research that keeps these goals in mind. Vold Vision and our talented team of board-certified eye surgeons have participated in over 40 FDA research studies within the last 15 years. These studies launch new innovative procedures into the marketplace advancing the quality of care and offering hope and a positive outlook for patients.

Vold Vision is widely recognized as a center of ophthalmic excellence worldwide, providing innovative technologies and procedures found only at the most elite medical institutions in the United States. Our doctors are known for their unique clinical and surgical expertise and frequently train visiting physicians in new diagnostic and surgical techniques. 

To help train physicians in ophthalmic clinical care and research all over the world, Vold Vision’s spacious conference center is a leading location for industry professionals to test new products and develop more patient-friendly therapeutic options.

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