The experienced team at Vold Vision makes your ocular health a top priority. From routine exams to mitigating the risk of eye conditions or diseases, we perform various services to ensure our patients’ short- and long-term vision and safety. Learn more about our clinically-tested eye care treatments. 

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Laser Vision Correction

Advanced Laser Vision Correction corrects vision by reshaping the cornea using the precision of excimer laser technology. It is one of the most popular forms of vision correction due to its short procedure time, accuracy, safety, quick recovery time, a wide range of vision correction, and minimal discomfort. Laser vision correction treats both eyes on the same day with no stitches or patches afterward.

Advanced Laser Vision Correction, in the hands of a highly trained and experienced ophthalmologist like Dr. Vold, can reduce and sometimes eliminate dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Whether you struggle with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, patients may be able to see 20/15 (better than 20/20) and enjoy life with more freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

Types of Vision

Outside of ocular diseases, injuries, and other eye conditions, common eye conditions treated by surgeries and eyewear include: 

Myopia is a prevalent eye problem. The National Eye Institute has reported that cases of myopia increased by 66% between 1971-1972 and 1999-2004. No one has ever identified a cause for the increase; however, many eye doctors suspect a relation to increased computer use and other near-vision work and technological devices. 

Regardless, those with nearsightedness struggle to read road signs and things in the distance but can still see objects up close. Symptoms include squinting, eye strain, and headaches.

Approximately 14.1 million Americans have hyperopia. Those with farsightedness struggle making out objects up close but will have relatively minor issues making out distant objects like road signs and buildings. Farsighted people may get headaches and squint when working with tasks at close range.

Astigmatism is commonly the most misunderstood vision issue. Like nearsightedness and farsightedness, astigmatism is due to refractive problems in the eye, meaning difficulty focusing. Astigmatism is not an eye disease or eye health problem, but light failing to come to a single point of focus on the retina. 

With astigmatism, the eyeball is more oval than round, causing your vision to be blurry for both close-up and distance objects. Many children face astigmatism issues early on, so it is recommended to schedule a Vold Vision 360-Eye Exam for your children as soon as possible to prevent further damage from uncorrected astigmatism.

Approximately 80% of North Americans struggle with presbyopia around 45-55, with onset symptoms including the inability to read small type or suddenly realizing your computer or smartphone looks fuzzy. 

The main issue with presbyopia is more emotional than physical since it’s a typical sign of aging that’s impossible to ignore. Unlike astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness, presbyopia is an age-related eye condition from your lens getting thicker and less flexible.

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Vision Correction

Vision correction surgery at Vold Vision includes non-laser options for those wanting to reduce their reliance on glasses or contact lenses. While many people may be good candidates for vision correction, those over 40 or suffering from presbyopia are excellent candidates since most cannot receive laser vision correction.

CLE and EVO ICL™ are lenses used to improve your vision by implanting them into the eye for more permanent eye correction. The procedures take less than 20 minutes, can reduce or eliminate your risk of cataracts, and can give you freedom from glasses or contacts. 

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Dr. Vold and his world-renowned team offer compassionate eye care in every major ocular specialty. Their specialties include pediatric eye care, glaucoma and cataract surgery, dry eye treatments, retina and cornea treatments, and oculoplastic surgery. 

Our team’s specializations allow us to restore your vision with the safest methods and most experienced doctors. From alleviating eye pressure to adjusting your lens, Vold Vision covers eye concerns with specialized treatment plans. 

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Family Eye Care

From infants to senior citizens, Vold Vision’s family eye care covers members of all ages. Our advanced eye exams and customizable treatments allow us to adjust to your family’s needs. Our focus is on building a relationship of trust and understanding for all your family’s eye care development and conditions. 

Vold Vision’s pediatric eye care doctors are trained to assess your child’s vision before they can read or fully communicate through specialized eye exams, preventing eye conditions that may hinder their development and education. 

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Optical Shop

Vold Vision’s optical departments serve as our base for your eye care needs. Despite the rise of laser eye surgery and other permanent surgical options, glasses and contacts remain the number one method for vision correction. 


Versions of eyeglasses go back to Hugh of Provence, the first person recorded sporting a pair in 1350. Almost 700 years later, you can have your pick of the latest lenses and frames at Vold Vision’s beautiful, state-of-the-art Optical Shop. 

Eyeglass frames are continually made with lighter and stronger materials. Specific frames are highly flexible with spring hinges, making them ideal for kids.

The types of lenses vary but include:

  • Aspheric: thinner with sharper peripheral vision
  • High-index: thinner and lighter with UV protection
  • Wavefront: sharper visual clarity from exact measurements
  • Polycarbonate: 10x more impact resistant
  • Photochromatic: quickly darken in bright light
  • Polarized: dramatically reduce glare
  • Anti-reflective: dramatically reduce distracting lens reflections and glare
  • Other coatings: scratch-resistant, anti-fog, UV-blocking

Additionally, multifocal and single vision lenses include:

  • Bifocals: two clearly defined zones for distance and up-close work.
  • Trifocals: three clearly defined zones for near, intermediate, and far work
  • Progressive: allows focusing on an infinite number of distances
  • Variable focus: adjustable with a small dial to select any single focal distance
  • Reading glasses: a single vision for close-up tasks  

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an excellent choice for people who require some vision correction but don’t want to wear glasses or have laser surgery. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 45 million people wear contacts. 

The first thing to decide regarding contacts is what type of material to choose. Soft lenses, silicone hydrogel lenses, gas permeable lenses, hybrid lenses, and PMMA are the most commonly used today, depending on your vision diagnosis. 

Our team’s specializations allow us to restore your vision with the safest methods and most experienced doctors. From alleviating eye pressure to adjusting your lens, Vold Vision covers eye concerns with specialized treatment plans. 

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Eye Injuries & Infections

Vold Vision can help you navigate recovery and treatment from common injuries to eye disorders. Our treatments can help prevent further vision impairment, improve overall vision, and reduce pain, inflammation, and other injury symptoms. 

While most injuries are minor, you should treat the injury as a potential emergency if you feel unsure. Diseases, infections, and disorders often require unique approaches depending on the type and extent of your condition and overall health. Our board-certified physicians are more than qualified to assess, diagnose, treat, and manage your eye conditions.

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