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Glasses and contact lenses can not only cause discomfort and minor annoyances, but they can feel like a roadblock prohibiting you from living your life to the fullest. If you’re tired of your contacts and glasses, you have come to the right place. 

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Our team at Vold Vision is here to walk you through every step of the process. With the most advanced technology available and a team of experts supporting you, clear vision is just a few steps away. The number one thing we hear from our LASIK patients is, “I wish I would have done it sooner!”

LASIK eye surgery is a laser refractive procedure that is commonly performed throughout the world to correct vision problems. While there are many excellent options today for laser vision correction surgery, LASIK is notably one of the most recognized due to its early entry into the field.

At Vold Vision, we utilize the Zeiss VisuMax® Femtosecond Laser with a SMART bed feature. The bed is so sensitive and intuitive that it adjusts with the patient’s breathing. This advanced technology brings the highest level of precision available, achieving the best quality outcome. If the patient moves even the slightest, the bed senses it, and the laser instantly pauses, providing our patients with peace of mind. 

In addition, the VisuMax® is an ultra-gentle laser. When it makes contact with the eye, there is little pressure felt. Other lasers on the market place greater pressure on the eye, and the patient actually experiences a temporary loss of vision during the procedure. The Vold Vision laser adjusts to the patient’s individual prescription, so they see 20/20 throughout the procedure, making the experience more relaxing and pleasant.

Our state-of-the-art technology also allows us to treat patients with higher prescriptions. We often have patients travel to Vold Vision because their prescriptions were higher than the technology capabilities in their hometown. If you have heard you are not a LASIK candidate before, you might be with our advanced laser! 

Prior to your LASIK eye surgery, you will have a consultation with one of our physicians to determine what kind of laser vision correction is best for you. You will also undergo detailed exams to collect specific information about your eyes, which the device’s computer will use as a guide to precisely correct your vision issue.

LASIK is an outpatient procedure that takes minutes to perform within our facility. The technology reshapes the cornea to correct how the eye focuses. As the procedure begins, drops will be applied to numb your eyes, and your Vold surgeon may also provide medication to help you relax. From there, your eyelids will be gently propped open, and a device will be put into place to stabilize your eye.  

The computer-controlled excimer laser pulses light to reshape your cornea based on the data collected from your previous appointments. Next, your Vold Vision surgeon will reposition the corneal flap, which will naturally stay put and start healing within hours.

If you wear contact lenses, you should quit wearing them for 7-10 days before the pre-op and procedure, which are typically the same day. If you wear hard lenses, you may have to stop wearing your contacts sooner. 

After LASIK, most patients are able to see 20/15 (which is even better than 20/20) and live a life free from glasses or contact lenses. Some of the activities that patients enjoy more easily after LASIK eye surgery include:

  • Traveling 
  • Swimming and water sports
  • Working out and being active 
  • Wearing sunglasses
  • Watching TV
  • Staying comfortable

LASIK surgery is also affordable for almost anyone. With easy financing options, patients can move forward with their procedure today without having to stress about cost. 

After the procedure, you are released to go home. However, you will not be allowed to drive yourself. You might experience some discomfort, itching, slight burning, or watery eyes, but these symptoms are temporary and part of the normal healing process. 

You may also be provided with an antibiotic prescription and anti-inflammatory drops for a few weeks after the procedure. Patients are advised to rest and use sunglasses for bright light protection. Vision usually returns to normal within a few hours, and most patients have functional vision the very next day. 

Visual results will continue to improve over the next two weeks, at which point patients can return to swimming and contact sports. Certain prescriptions such as farsighted or high astigmatism usually experience a prolonged recovery.

Throughout your vision correction process, you will also have your own personal liaison with our laser concierge, who will answer all questions you may have regarding healing. We will also be happy to prepare a physician letter for your place of employment.

Based on your exam results, your doctor at Vold Vision will determine if you are a candidate for laser vision correction. Usually, they will recommend one type of laser vision correction surgery above the others based on your individual needs. Dr. Vold and the physicians at Vold Vision will devise a customized treatment plan based on your eyes to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Candidates must be over 18 with generally healthy eyes and must have been at a stable prescription for at least a year. Patients undergoing LASIK will need to keep their eyes steadily focused on a single point of light for two minutes. Even though our team’s modern lasers can track random eye movements, the best results occur with patients who can maintain a fixed stare. 

Our laser corrects the highest prescription range in the region as well as astigmatism, so even if you were told that you were not a candidate in the past or at another center, you might be able to have Laser Vision Correction at Vold Vision.

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Why Should I Go to Vold Vision for LASIK?

At Vold Vision, we have the most advanced technology in the country, and our patients are achieving remarkable results. Vold Vision is among the top 10% of LASIK providers in the entire United States based on the number of procedures performed each month. 

Dr. Vold has patients from around the world who travel to Northwest Arkansas for him to perform their surgeries personally. To learn more about what sets Vold Vision apart as the premier provider of laser vision correction, read more about us

LASIK Eye Surgery FAQ

Vold Vision has special payment plans that make LASIK affordable for almost everyone – starting at $99/mo*! Laser Vision Correction is $4,495-4,895 total, including both eyes and all of your appointments for one year. Ask about insurance, how to use your FSA plan, or corporate discounts.

*Offered by a 3rd party, based on approved credit and $4,000 purchase amount.

LASIK is so safe and effective that it is estimated that 10 to 15 million people have undergone the procedure. Even with the high number of surgeries, the complication rate is still less than 1%. Recent studies have even suggested that laser vision correction is safer than wearing contact lenses.

Because the cornea is numbed, patients report little to no discomfort during the procedure. Some patients experience a gritty, scratchy sensation and sensitivity to light for 24-28 hours (light sensitivity may continue for some patients for 4-6 weeks). We ask patients to go home and take a nap immediately after their procedure. For any discomfort that remains after your nap, Advil or Tylenol is usually sufficient.

Patients who have undergone advanced laser vision correction at Vold Vision typically no longer need glasses for their daily activities. However, if you’re over 40 and did not elect for a MonoVision procedure, in most cases, you will need reading glasses. This is due to presbyopia, the natural aging process of the eye. Clear lens exchange may be a better procedure alternative for patients over 40 who wish to say goodbye to reading glasses.

Laser Vision Correction corrects your current prescription, so it should be expected to last until there is a vision change – such as a cataract or the natural aging process of the eye. Presbyopia typically occurs in your mid-40s, at which point you may need reading glasses or another form of vision correction. 

You do not typically need laser vision correction a second time – however, should you need a ‘touch-up’ or enhancement due to any over or under-healing, it is complimentary the first year after your procedure. This is almost never necessary and typically only occurs if a patient has not followed their post-op instructions or taken their drops diligently.

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To learn more about LASIK eye surgery, schedule a consultation with one of the providers at Vold Vision. Throughout your entire laser vision correction journey, you will have your very own Vold liaison to assist you with any questions you have. Our patient care counselors are available by text, phone, or email and no question is too small for them to answer. To schedule a consultation, fill out the consultation request form below, or call or text (479) 442-8653.