Glaucoma is a disease affecting about three million Americans, commonly occurring more in older women, especially those with a family history. Dr. Steven D. Vold, a world-leading glaucoma specialist, and his team of board-certified eye surgeons take meticulous care in customizing treatment for each individual.

Vold Vision treats patients from across the nation who come to our facility specifically for glaucoma treatment because of our experience and innovation. Vold Vision offers several treatments for glaucoma, including newer treatments in micro-invasive glaucoma (MIGS) devices. 

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The most common type of glaucoma is classified as open. Open-angle glaucoma is painless and develops gradually over decades. The eye slowly starts not to be able to drain the internal fluid in the eye, which can eventually lead to damage to the optic nerve.

The optic nerve is the eye’s main transmitter to the brain. It’s kind of like the film in a camera. This fluid buildup is slow and painless, but over time, the damage to the optic nerve causes loss of sight. As symptoms progress, peripheral vision starts to degrade. Central vision usually follows and, if untreated, can lead to total blindness. 

Less common types are closed-angle and normal-tension glaucomas. Closed-angle glaucoma can occur gradually or quite suddenly, the latter involving sharp pain, blurry vision, dilated pupils, red eye, and nausea. Vold Vision’s treatment plans are established based on the type of glaucoma and the condition’s progression.

Glaucoma is sometimes called the “silent thief of sight” since it usually occurs painlessly over a long period of time. Open-angle glaucoma, which accounts for over 90% of cases, is painless and does not involve acute attacks, making it hard to self-diagnose. As a result, receiving periodic screenings at Vold Vision is even more critical. 

Closed-angle glaucoma, however, has painful symptoms that may be present. These can include sudden eye pain, seeing halos around lights, extreme pressure inside the eye, nausea, and vomiting. Situations like these are considered an emergency, and immediate attention is required. 

Additionally, a family history of glaucoma can increase a patient’s risk by up to four times greater. Other signs of glaucoma can result from the prolonged use of steroids and conditions that severely restrict blood flow to the eye, as well as ocular trauma.

The primary goal of treatment is to lower what is called IOP or intraocular pressure. Essentially, doctors are trying to alleviate all that pressure that excess fluid has built up in the eye. Decreasing the pressure has proven to stop the progression of glaucoma. Early treatment is essential, as the damage is currently irreversible.

Treatment usually starts with quality baseline visual field tests that are compared with historical visual tests to help determine the glaucoma type and how fast it progresses. Most newly diagnosed early glaucoma patients are put on therapy in the form of prescription eye drops. Surgery is another treatment option with laser trabeculoplasty or incisional glaucoma surgery, depending on how advanced the disease has become.

Vold Vision offers many different treatment options, depending on your eye and the type of glaucoma. These treatments are listed below. 

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Why Should I Go to Vold Vision for Glaucoma Treatment?

Dr. Vold has been at the forefront of championing new glaucoma procedures. His passion for glaucoma patients and pioneering spirit have helped to usher in a new wave of treatment options. Dr. Vold performed the first XEN® implant in the initial FDA clinical trial and was among the first surgeons in the United States and the first in Arkansas to perform the surgery after the XEN® received FDA approval.

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Dr. Vold was the first eye surgeon to use Cypath for glaucoma treatment, and numerous studies have been conducted in our research facility, including those passed for FDA approval. At Vold Vision, Dr. Vold has performed more of the new micro-invasive glaucoma surgeries than almost anyone in the country and is a consultant in developing many of these technologies.

Our approach is to help educate and tend to patients with a continuum of care that ensures success from diagnosis to management. We invite you to call our central Arkansas locations and take control of glaucoma today because, at Vold Vision, you are not alone.

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