How Long Does PRK Surgery Last?

While many people have heard of LASIK, the procedure is not suitable for everyone. Anyone considering laser vision correction should also learn about its alternatives. PRK eye surgery is a laser vision correction procedure that works for many people who cannot have LASIK. It can provide vision correction that frees you from glasses or contacts, helping you see with greater clarity. 

What is PRK Eye Surgery?

PRK stands for photorefractive keratectomy. This procedure uses a laser to alter the shape of the cornea. This clear structure bends light as it passes through, and when it causes light to enter at the wrong angle, objects at different distances can become blurry. PRK has a longer recovery time than LASIK or SMILE, but it makes the best choice for some people. People who benefit from PRK include those with thin corneas or at risk of injury or trauma. 

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How Does PRK Eye Surgery Work?

At Vold Vision, we use the term LASEK (laser-assisted epithelial keratomileusis) to refer to advanced PRK procedures not available in the past. This procedure removes the corneal epithelium, the outermost layer of cells. To achieve the correct dimensions, your surgeon uses a laser to reshape the underlying corneal tissue layer by layer. The epithelium will regenerate to cover the cornea, leaving you with dramatically improved vision. 

How Long Does PRK Surgery Last?

The changes made to your cornea during PRK will last a lifetime. However, PRK cannot stop the effects of aging, so your eyes will still change as you age. Some types of vision loss are unrelated to the cornea and unaffected by PRK. This includes presbyopia or difficulty with reading or similar activities. This condition occurs due to changes in the lens of the eye. If PRK allows you to get rid of your glasses or contacts, you may still need them in the future. However, your vision will remain better than it would be without PRK.

What is Recovery Like From PRK Surgery?

Your surgeon will place a special bandage contact over your eye to protect it after surgery. Your eyes may feel irritated or sensitive for several days, but eye drops will help manage this. Many people can return to work in three to five days as their vision improves. You will need to continue using eye drops and protect your eyes with sunglasses. Avoid getting water, dirt, or dust in your eyes as they heal, and avoid contact sports for a month after PRK. 

Am I a Good Candidate for PRK Eye Surgery?

Good candidates for PRK have healthy eyes and want to improve their vision. If you are not a good candidate for LASIK due to thin corneas, PRK may work for you. PRK is also recommended for people who engage in contact sports or are otherwise at risk of trauma. Only a consultation can determine for sure which procedure is correct for you. 

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