Vold Vision’s FDA Clinical Research Facility Leading the Way

, Vold Vision’s FDA Clinical Research Facility Leading the Way, Vold Vision

Vold Vision is an FDA clinical research facility led by Dr. Michael McFarland. We have made this commitment to our community and our field of ophthalmology in order to offer the latest and best technology and care to our patients. We have been credentialed at the highest levels and continually go through regular auditing and review processes to ensure we are conducting clinical trials to the upmost degree. Research is critical in any medical field, and in eye care, there are a multitude of procedures and diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration, that do not yet have a cure. The hope is to find a cure for these diseases so that we can treat people earlier or offer better procedures or pharmaceutical therapy.

Our team has conducted numerous clinical trials for glaucoma, cataracts, and refractive type procedures. We have 6 to 12 clinical trials going on at any time. One of the many benefits of having a clinical research facility in Northwest Arkansas is our patients have access to procedures and pharmaceutical therapy they would not have access to anywhere else.

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Our research team is humbled and honored to have helped usher in groundbreaking procedures like the XEN Gel Stent. Our patients and doctors involved in these studies, literally helped move glaucoma care forward for future generations.

How do I know if I qualify for a study?

Patients are evaluated for our research studies in our regular clinic. Our doctors will screen the patients and let them know if they qualify. Patients are typically eager as the benefits of being a study candidate are many, which include receiving new innovative treatment and reduced cost of care. Some patients receive a stipend for participating in studies.

Participation in ophthalmic research and innovation are an integral part of clinical practice at Vold Vision. We feel strongly that research and innovation enhance patient care and allow us to give back to our patients and society. With nearly 20 years of clinical research experience, we have found that our patients have benefited tremendously from our clinical research programs. We are extremely excited about some of the break-through technologies we will be able to provide in the months and years ahead.

Amazing, friendly, knowledgeable staff! Dr. Senekal was very professional and had an amazing bedside manner. I would recommend him to anyone looking at getting cataract/laser surgery. I came from Grande Prairie just to see him and his staff!

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